Al Zahia: Build a Home, Cherish a Community

Al Zahia: Build a Home, Cherish a Community

The decision to build one’s own home is a brave one. Doing so offers you complete autonomy in the design and architecture of the one place that’s more important than any other to your family. However, one key decision remains before breaking ground: where in the world to set your roots.

In an emirate like Sharjah, where neighbourly interactions and close connections are an important part of life, building in an established community offers residents direct access to communal services and the joys of a full and fulfilling social life.

Al Zahia, Sharjah’s modern and progressive mixed-use community, is one such example. Here, families are given the freedom to build the home of their dreams at the community’s Orchid neighbourhood on a purchased plot of infrastructure-enabled land in a fully landscaped community and a rich and diverse destination.

Here, Shadi Al Azzeh, Project head at Majid Al Futtaim Properties, outlines the five benefits of building a home in an established community, such as Sharjah’s premier lifestyle destination — Al Zahia.

  1. Customisation

Building a home from the ground up allows you to prioritise your needs while allowing room for creativity. You’ll be able to personalise every step of the way, from the architectural style, indoor and outdoor layouts to the finer details such as lighting, flooring, closets, paint colours, and even kitchen features.  Residents who build a home in established communities — for example, in Al Zahia: Sharjah’s first gated community — will undoubtedly satisfy their sophisticated and aspirational needs, while enjoying the best of modern residential luxury. Al Zahia’s 8,000-12,000 square feet plots at Orchid are ideal for large families that are looking to build a spacious and unique villa.

  • Diverse social life

Residents of these vibrant, established communities can take full advantage of the range of events and activities hosted in this lifestyle destination, where community is celebrated; with these events being designed to foster engagement and promote social cohesion. Al Zahia, is inspired by Majid Al Futtaim’s unique philosophy on placemaking, which ensures that residents build long-lasting emotional and social connections with their surrounding environment.

  • Ensure long-term value

Building a home means a place to belong for years to come. The place you build will be more than a house; it will be a home where future generations grow up, where family traditions are celebrated, and where memories are made. Distinguished by its modern amenities and state-of-the-art infrastructure, Al Zahia — with its lush landscapes, multiple integrated parks, and pedestrian pathways — represents the new approach to community living; being a community that enables residents to not just live in luxurious comfort, but equips them with all they need to build and lead truly fulfilling lives. Such well-appointed and immersive destinations allow residents — and their families — to grow with the wider community, realising their dreams, life goals and aspirations in truly empowering surroundings.

  • Enjoy an unrivalled and convenient lifestyle

In addition to having the opportunity to design and build bespoke luxury mansions and villas, residents at established communities will also enjoy doorstep convenience and direct connections to retail and recreational spaces such as shopping malls and parks. Al Zahia connects residents to the Northern Emirates’ largest mall — City Centre Al Zahia .. Additionally, Al Zahia North Hub features three coffee shops and restaurants, , and a 5000 square feet convenience store.

  • Resort-style living enlivened by luxury and leisure

An exclusive, upscale hub for the community’s residents, Al Zahia’s Clubhouse is designed with all the elements and amenities of a private resort. It offers two swimming pools, a signature restaurant, gym, and a multipurpose hall for events, games and communal activities. Families can dive into lap pools, recharge in family cabanas, or get competitive on professional tennis and basketball courts. The  clubhouses bring residents together and allow them to socialise with one another and unwind in comfortable, luxurious settings. Established communities make the most of such facilities to promote healthy living.

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