Meet top model, Rayan Ricci with passion for the environment

Meet top model, Rayan Ricci with passion for the environment

French-Lebanese model based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Rayan Ricci Farhat grew with a lot of passions burning inside him. Like childhood fantasies, some have died natural deaths with passing time while some survived till his adulthood and pretty much the air beneath his wings. All his passions, understandably so, are about lights and cameras. No one would have given the fun-loving boy any chance of holding something about nature or environment dear to his heart. But he does.

“I am also really touched about the environment, I think that our world is getting very bad and that we all have to work on our own to help it and save the future of our children,” he said when asked to make a list of his passions.

“I have been a part of the Association Emirates Marine Environment Group (EMEG), a group that specializes in marine wildlife monitoring and implements projects to safeguard the UAE marine environment. I also make monthly donations to Animal Protections as well as for AIDS research,” he added.

Rayan Ricci also loves sports, art, music, swimming, horse racing and many more. But his real fascination which has brought his world of dreams to reality is traveling which he started experiencing with his father and only brother, jetting from France to Lebanon.

“I have always had a passion for travelling. Since I was a kid, my dad (a Lebanese) always took me and my brother to Lebanon for the summer. I only saw Lebanon between when I was born till my 17th birthday. When I turned 17, I refused to go again, closed that way and decided to discover new countries, new cultures and new people. I think that choice created my passion for traveling and this yearning to discover what the world has to offer,” he declared.

“Concerning sport, I have always loved swimming, I’m really good at it. Other sports I love are tennis, boxing, horsing and athletics. I am actually working out everyday. I can’t live without it. I think that it’s about these passions that I have been working with all the brands I work with today. I am careful about my diet; no smoking, no alcohol and no drugs. I don’t even eat candies.

“I have a huge passion for art too. I do love art, especially concerning the history of the world. I love painting, sculptures, texts and all artistic things such as modeling, photography or even cinema. For me it represents a specific feeling or story and I love it. I usually describe my own feelings with songs or pictures,” he said.

Rayan Ricci Farhat was born on July 27, 1998 in Paris (France). He is the older of a family of two children.

From the age of 20, he was noticed by many Internet users on Instagram for his photos that brought him followers across the world. His Instagram photos also aroused the interest of brands like L’Oreal, Four Seasons and Ron Dorff who offered to collaborate with him on social media.

Rayan Ricci Farhat went to a public school in the north suburb of Paris till he was 16 then moved to a private business school in Paris where he studied Marketing and obtained a Masters degree.

His father is a Lebanese father while the mother is an Italian but he sees himself as a Frenchman

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