FWD-Comms announces its partnership with BARE DXB

BARE DXB, Dubai’s eternally popular, home-grown fitness hub, continues to grow its family through an unrivalled, energetic experience that feels more like a party than a workout.

With passion as its fuel, BARE DXB, empowers its cult following/family with the most effective workout in the world, creating a community collective of strength, hustle and results. Its flagship studio in Business Bay is full speed and limitless, offering the very best of high intensity workouts paired with weight training and conditioning. 

Amongst the concrete town of Dubai and fast paced lifestyle, BARE DXB is the best part of your day, giving you that hour to disconnect, pushing you to new heights, taking that challenge and never quitting. 

Forget about the board room, or what you ate that day, at BARE you focus on getting: 

Stronger. Fitter. Confident. Fabulous. 

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