ADNOC collaborates with Pure Health to ensure employee safety from Covid-19

ADNOC collaborates with Pure Health to ensure employee safety from Covid-19

Abu Dhabi – October 1, 2020: The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) has partnered with Pure Health, the largest laboratory operator in the GCC, to enable efficient and timely Covid-19 screening of its employees and contractors across the UAE. The partnership is part of ADNOC’s proactive measures to protect the health and wellbeing of its employees and to ensure business continuity.

The ongoing partnership commenced in March 2020 and brought together teams of healthcare professionals from ADNOC and Pure Health to deliver comprehensive testing of ADNOC employees and contractors as a precautionary measure, in line with the UAE’s approach to Covid-19.


Pure Health has launched an integrated online portal and mobile application, enabling ADNOC employees to receive faster results with high data integrity following the PCR Covid-19 test.


Dr. Ghuwaya Al Neyadi, Vice President of Medical Services at ADNOC, said: “We are pleased to partner with Pure Health to proactively screen our employees and contractors as part of our broader strategy to mitigate the risks presented by Covid. ADNOC’s top priority is the health and safety of our people and we continue to take the necessary precautions to enhance their safety and ensure business continuity during this unprecedented period.”


Shaista Asif, Chief Operating Officer at Pure Health, said, “We are proud to associate with ADNOC to conduct the massive Covid-19 screenings in this vital sector and ramp up the testing in the country. This initiative, as part of the efforts to widen the testing program, will help keep the curve under control.”


“We understand how important ADNOC is, not only to the UAE but to the global energy market, and the wellbeing of its employees is our topmost priority. We salute the thoughtfulness of ADNOC’s management and thank them for the trust and cooperation they have shown to us. ADNOC is at the forefront of the vital sectors and it is our pride to have the opportunity to support them with all its departments who are the working effectively day and night,” she added.


Pure Health has been conducting COVID-19 tests through multiple screening centers and have launched a mobile screening force and three processing locations across the UAE.


Pure Health is a pioneering healthcare solutions provider and the largest ISO-certified laboratory network in the entire Gulf region that operates 117 labs and employs over 100 healthcare professionals across the nation.



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