Nursery to enhance children and staff safety by creating ‘Protective Bubbles’…..

Nursery to enhance children and staff safety by creating ‘Protective Bubbles’ as the on-site classes return in October

Staff members to be tested ahead of the opening and every fortnight after that British Orchard Nursery’s innovative online platform BONline and exclusive BONapp to augment the learning process

24rd September 2020; Dubai, UAE: With the exciting news of nurseries reopening, British Orchard Nursery (BON) is ready to offer a variety of learning options from complete on-site classes, flexible morning and afternoon classes, blended approach, home support and e-learning to cater to the individual requirements of all the families. Moreover, besides employing added safety measures such as exhaustive sterilization, social distancing and health protocols, the pre-school will enhance the safety standards by applying the new strategy of creating “Protective Bubbles”. Through this innovative plan the children will be grouped into bubbles of 3:8 or 3:10 which will mean reduced classroom size and higher number of teachers per child.


“The concept of nursery bubble is indeed an extension of the home bubble wherein there was no need to socially distance from the other members of the family. In the nursery bubble a group of children and staff will be grouped together every time they are in the nursery and their interaction and contact with other bubbles would be restricted. Further, the team members in each bubble would be first aid and SEN (Special Education Needs) trained and will be in protective wear to provide further safety, said Dr Vandana Gandhi, CEO and Founder of British Orchard Nurseries UAE.



“The staff, children and parents of our nursery are super excited and looking forward to the stimulation, social interaction and the enriching environment of the school. Research has proven that attending school has immense benefits and it is within the structured nursery setting that toddlers learn the important skills of reading, language, numeracy and acquire enhanced social and physical development skills in line with the early learning goals”, added Dr Gandhi.


“Most developed countries have researched the importance and invested in the curriculum, quality, and inspection frameworks for the early years sector. Likewise, children benefit greatly from interacting with qualified teachers and are generally more prepared and better equipped socially and intellectually when they eventually join mainstream schools. In fact, research also indicates that longer pre-school attendance leads to higher cognitive gains when entering school”, further elaborated Dr Gandhi.


The award-winning BON curriculum and quality is developed through the goals and learning objectives of the British National Curriculum. The EYFS planning is set with children’s motivation and interest at heart. In addition, Principals, teachers, and staff members are all UK diploma certified to offer the quality education. Not just that, all the staff members will be tested for COVID before the nursery opening and will be regularly tested every fortnight to ensure children’s safety.


Supplementing the precautionary measures, all the nursery branches will have a designated clinic and an isolation room for any child or team member who may present Covid symptoms. What’s more, a qualified nurse and health and safety officer would be responsible for the daily health screenings of all the staff and children.


All nursery tours for new admissions will either happen online or would be available outside of nursery timings. In addition, BON has put in processes to ensure paperless transactions therefore all the payments, admissions procedures etc are all online now.


In fact, British Orchard Nursery has benchmarked with its Oxford, UK branch and the UK guidelines too as their UK branch has been operating successfully during the entire pandemic.


Additionally, BONLine, a virtual learning system by the nursery, now with students across UAE, Bahrain, Saudi and India was created early on in the pandemic to ensure students continue learning .The BONline program makes sure all families have access to activities hence offers a packed schedule of teacher led video calls, and recorded DIY videos covering all the stages of EYFS all provided by nursery’s specially created App – BONApple.


BONLine has evolved to include nursery, FS1, FS2, KG1and KG2 and a home support online program. The trained team is equipped to support the child’s developmental and everyday needs. Not only has British Orchard Nursery been innovating and improving, they have also been quick to always provide parents and children with extra curricular programs including zumba, gym juniors, creative arts and design, speech support, Islamic studies, Quran reading to name a few.  Furthermore, BON also provides language lessons covering English, Arabic, Mandarin, Hindi, Urdu, French and Russian.


E learning is also extended to adults who would like to earn teaching diplomas and learn with qualified tutors from Oxford BON UK and UAE and earn a teaching diploma from UK with the British Orchard Training Institute. Moreover, adults can also participate in daily webinars on varying educational topics concerning health, hygiene and social care too. BONs monthly calendar on educational activities, trainings  ensure the entire teacher community and the family is engaged holistically through webinars that guide and train parents on childcare topics such as; ‘Phonics’, ‘Truly Enabling Environments’, ‘Equality and Diversity’ , ‘Special Needs Education ‘ and many more.


British Orchard Centre has led many stay at home mothers find a new career path, opened doors for training and certification in childcare.  It is going to be fun to ‘Get back to pre- school with British Orchard Nursery’, the Middle East’s largest and most awarded nursery chain.


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