A Lightweight & Portable Innovation to Filter Out Allergens & Ultra-Fine Dust On-the-Go

DUBAI, UAE, 16 SEPTEMBER 2020 – Whether it’s driving a car or engaging in recreational activities, people are exposed to several unavoidable health risks in day-to-day life. However, there are numerous daily risks that can be controlled and avoided, and fortunately, indoor air pollution is one of them.


Since people spend a significant amount of time inside, breathing quality indoor air is critical for overall health and wellbeing. Dust particles, harmful pollutants, chemical detergents and pet dander all affect the quality of air humans breathe and are major contributors to airborne illnesses. Recognizing that individuals need pure air wherever they go, LG Electronics (LG) introduced the PuriCare Mini air purifier. This smart innovation integrates comprehensive filtration methods to ensure the highest and purest air quality at anywhere and anytime.


Ultimate Performance with 4-step Filtration System

The PuriCare Mini draws in allergens and ultra-fine dust in four simple steps. First, the PM 1.0 Sensor provides real-time detection of ultra-fine dust and intuitively displays the air condition using four colors. The LED light turns green when air is at its cleanest and red at its most-polluted levels. Second, with their powerful suction ability, the dual inverter motors draw in allergens and ultra-fine dust after detecting contaminants. Third, the Ultra-fine all-in-one type allergen removal filter, with a lifespan of 2000 hours, removes 99% of general and super-fine dust. Finally, the Twin Tornado Dual Fan provides an outstanding air flow with farther, wider, and faster air.


Minimum Size for Maximum Convenience

Whether users are inside their car, at their desk, or daydreaming about their weekend, PuriCare Mini provides clean air for every moment. Weighing only 530 grams, the PuriCare Mini is as light as a 500ml water bottle. Users can easily charge their air purifier with a USB cable, even when in use, and use it freely anywhere, anytime, for up to 8 hours. Thanks to its 30dB Low Noise, the PuriCare Mini is quiet, making it easy to take anywhere without disturbing others.


Smart Control with the PuriCare Mini App

With the smart and intuitive Bluetooth app, users can easily check the air quality through push notifications. Users can also benefit from convenient control functionalities including managing the airflow speed, checking the condition of the filter, monitoring the status of the purifier, and checking the battery status.


PuriCare Mini is the ultimate solution for users who are seeking indoor air quality on the go. With its wireless capabilities, users can enjoy clean air every moment with improved technology and maximum performance.


To find out more about LG PuriCare Mini and the company’s range of air purifiers, please visit: https://www.lg.com/ae/air-purifiers


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About LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company 

The LG Home Appliance & Air Solution Company is a global leader in home appliances, smart home solutions, air quality systems as well as visionary products featuring artificial intelligence. The company is creating total solutions for the home with its industry leading core technologies and is committed to making life better for consumers around the world by developing thoughtfully designed kitchen appliances, living appliances and air solution products. Together, these products deliver enhanced convenience, superb performance, efficient operation and compelling health benefits. For more information, visit www.LG.com.



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