How to light your home – lighting tips from Pan Emirates

How to light your home – lighting tips from Pan Emirates

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, September 2020: Lighting is an essential aspect of home décor. The right lighting is a must to illuminate your home, lift your spirits and make you calm and productive. Pan Emirates, the region’s leading indoor, patio, and outdoor furniture brand, shares some useful and practical lighting tips that can add life to your home.

1 – Use sheer curtains to filter the harsh natural light and soften it up in your home

Sheer curtains are a classic choice that looks elegant and suits all kinds of home décor. For rooms that do not have a direct light source, sheer curtains are the best option for it as they provide a screen for the room without blocking out light.

2 – Install a chandelier or pendant lights in the hallway or living room to create a focal point

A sliding scale of light option allows you to customize and adapt the ambience of your space to your varying needs, provides added versatility and style. Plus, it complements your interior theme and brings positivity into your space.


3 – Use side lamps in your bedroom to keep its vibe soft and calming

Peaceful. Serene. Soothing. That’s what a bedroom is supposed to be. An elegant bedside lamp not only brightens up your bed space, but it also makes your bedroom a calming place to rest and restore energies.

4 – Add floor lamps in the living for a decorative and elegant touch

Decoration your personal spaces is all about striking a perfect balance between form and functionality. And the floor lamps help you achieve just that, making the living room bright, elegant and practical.

5 – Light up your kid’s space with study lamps and make it easy for them to study for long hours

Adding a little extra light with a touch of style on workstation certainly helps your kids in focusing on their daily tasks. Brighten up your child’s room with a study lamp and make their study time easy on their eyes.

6 – Make a statement with a wall of lights to give a powerful uplift to your ambience

They say you can express it all without having to say anything with lighting. It is true with the wall of lights. You can have a distinctive decorative wall light that can easily be classed as arty, classy and uniquely you.

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