Top 5 dishes to try at Tom&Serg

Top 5 dishes to try at Tom&Serg

Tom&Serg Top Picks from the Menu!

Get ready for the new week with the smell of freshly brewed coffee and declious eggs at Tom&Serg, Dubai’s favourite casual dining café!

The space is adorned by greenery, whilst soft music plays in the background. The food at Tom and Serg is centers around fresh ingredients that celebrates flavor. They also offer up delicious vegetarian and vegan friendly options.

Gluten Free Granola(Vegan, Gluten and Nut Free)

Served with a choice of cocoa and coconut yoghurt| cashew milk| black berries| freeze dried raspberries | blue berries | Brazil nut


Smashed Avo & Marinated Green Tomato(Vegan and Nut Free)

Served with a choice of Persian feta | red dukkah| parsley salsa| pomegranate dressing | toasted sourdough


Turkish Eggs(Vegan and Nut Free)

poached eggs served with a choice of almond dukkah| smoked chilli flakes| cherry tomato sugo| sumac yoghurt| grilled sourdough


Tom&Serg Burger 

Served with Boston lettuce | sliced tomato| pickles| onion| jack cheese| sauce | potato bun| fries | aioli

Single AED52 Double AED62

The Aussie Chicken Salad (Nut Free) 

Roasted chicken| fresh greens| avocado| green beans| pear| beef bacon| Parmesan| pickled red onions| sourdough crouton| soft herbs| macadamia pesto| apple cider vinaigrette 


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