GoDaddy supports Arabic-speaking entrepreneurs and small businesses with the launch of its Arabic Website Builder and E-store

GoDaddy, the company empowering everyday entrepreneurs and small businesses around the world, has launched its Arabic website builder to enable Arabic-speaking customers to build a website and e-store entirely in their native language.

Selina Bieber, Senior Regional Director for MENA, Turkey, and South Africa, GoDaddy explains, “As we continue to localize our products and services across the Middle East and North Africa, we have taken the step to launch Arabic language version website builder and e-store tools to better support our Arabic speaking customers across the region. In addition to our existing Arabic marketing communications, website and customer support, the new website builder and e-store will help our MENA customers to easily set up an Arabic website to help their venture grow.”

Now more than ever small businesses need an online presence and e-store. E-commerce retail sales are expected to reach $49B in 2021, as more people shop online as a result of the pandemic.

As shopping trends around the world shift, the demand for online brand presence and e-commerce stores are increasing with studies indicating an average annual growth rate of 25% in e-commerce in the region, higher than the global average.

Additionally, recent studies have shown that 48% of UAE and KSA consumers are getting their shopping ideas and inspirations online, with more than 60% of shoppers in the UAE and KSA, and 43% in Egypt, completing an online transaction at least once.

Entrepreneurs today aim to enhance their business and maximize customer retention with the support of an appealing and functional website. Yet, creating one from scratch can be overwhelming, especially if the website is to be in another language other than English, which is most commonly used.

With GoDaddy’s new Arabic website builder, customers can build and publish a professional looking and fully functional website in Arabic language, for Arabic entrepreneurs across the MENA region.

They can now design content, incorporate customer-friendly features such as mobile-friendly site design and a PayPal button, and develop the website entirely in Arabic with ease and precision.

The Arabic website builder tool also allow customers to connect their website to their respective business-social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Customers can also integrate an Arabic e-store within the website to sell physical products, digital products, and/or services. Additionally, GoDaddy customers can create a multilingual website by adding other languages and having Arabic as the website’s main language.

Furthermore, customers can get help from the award-winning customer support team of GoDaddy Guides. Customers can call GoDaddy Guides at +971 4 586 8748 or connect with them online. They can provide necessary guidance, answer technical questions in both English and Arabic languages, and help support the process of creating a website.

With the new Arabic website builder and e-store now live, GoDaddy offers Arabic-speaking entrepreneurs and small business owners in the UAE and broader MENA Region, online tools, and guidance to create their own digital identities in their local language and grow their businesses.

To learn how GoDaddy can help your small business, visit:


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