FIVE Hotels &Hospitality to infuse Dubai’s acclaimed hospitality flair into Switzerland

Dubai homegrown lifestyle brand set to open new destination in Europe: FIVE Hotels & Resorts to infuse Dubai’s acclaimed hospitality flair into Switzerland

 One of Dubai’s leading homegrown hospitality brands, FIVE set to disrupt Europe’s hospitality scene with new asset in Zurich

  • Dubai grown dining and lifestyle destination concept to revive the prestigious history of Zurich’s legendary Atlantis hotel
  • Dubai’s pioneering economy as foundation for global hospitality champions

Dubai, UAE: August, 2020: Award-winning restaurants and entertainment venues, home to artists and celebrities from around the world, Dubai startup FIVE Hotels & Resorts has become a popular destination for Dubai residents and tourists alike, since opening in 2017. Now, the Dubai brand has announced a new addition to its portfolio, set to bring Dubai’s pioneering hospitality ecosystem to Zurich, Switzerland.

“It is a matter of pride to infuse the entrepreneurial spirit of Dubai’s hospitality scene with Switzerland’s longstanding tradition in luxury hospitality. This dream has only been realised due to the pioneering vision and tireless execution of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, who laid the foundation and has continued to develop one of the world’s most diverse and pioneering economies.

“This would have not been possible without the tireless efforts and commitment of all UAE stakeholders; such as Emirates Airlines and Dubai airport for its continuous efforts to build a global hub welcoming over 80 million passengers to Dubai; Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing for setting the highest standards for hospitality enterprises in the region; Nakheel for building the iconic Palm Jumeirah and Jumeirah Village Circle; as well as Dubai Police for providing a safe environment for tourism.

“It is with firm belief in Dubai which provides the foundation for the creation of global hospitality champions, that we are determined to expand into Europe and beyond. It is up to all of us to seize the tremendous opportunities provided by the Dubai government to grow within one of the world’s most pioneering economies”, says Kabir Mulchandani, Chairman of Dubai based FIVE Holdings.

FIVE has been exploring the right asset to roll out its successful lifestyle concept in Switzerland for over a year, envisioning to bring the FIVE brand closer to its customers, having welcomed more than 288,000 room nights from European travellers at its properties. The new asset will be ranked amongst FIVE’s existing portfolio of two multi-award-winning architectural icons, FIVE Jumeirah Village and FIVE Palm Jumeirah, which accommodate a total of 1,198 units, as well as more than 20 award-winning food and beverage concepts. The efficient adaptability and forward thinking of the local authorities in handling the challenges of the past months and in creating a safe environment for residents and travellers alike, as well as the resilience of the FIVE brand have been validated with average occupancy levels of 87% at both properties.

Recognised by ‘Great Place to Work’ as one of the best companies to work for, FIVE will expand its network of 1,000 colleagues to more than 1,260, providing its team diverse opportunities to grow within the UAE and abroad, attracting new talented employees from the city and region surrounding Zurich, to create a multicultural team of hospitality professionals.

Home to Freddie Mercury, Grace Jones, Muhammed Ali and Rihanna, amongst many others, the former Atlantis hotel is one of Zurich’s most prestigious and historic hotels. Set to open in summer 2021, FIVE is determined to revive the property’s renowned history and lifestyle with Dubai’s modern hospitality spirit.

“It fills me with joy to open this new chapter alongside all of our colleagues who have shown restless commitment and passion in these past months, and to challenge each other’s creativity with this new exciting project; as after all, if it’s not with fun we shouldn’t do it at all”, says Kabir Mulchandani.



About FIVE Hotels and Resorts

FIVE Hotels & Resorts ignites experiences through lifestyle hotels, gourmet dining and exceptional entertainment. The dare-to-be-different hotels, FIVE Palm Jumeirah and FIVE Jumeirah Village, are ranked among Dubai’s top hotels. FIVE’s growing reputation as entertainment, music and lifestyle destinations attracts some of the biggest artists, celebrities and Insta-famous stars looking for a lifestyle experience like no other.

FIVE Hotels & Resorts aim to save a life every day through Project Udaan, which funds critical operations for children born with congenital heart defects.



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