CLARINS NEW LAUNCH // Total Eye Lift: A Radiant Look In Record Time!

CLARINS NEW LAUNCH // Total Eye Lift: A Radiant Look In Record Time!

A radiant look in record time!

With 10,000 movements per day and 22 muscles, your eyes are just like you: hyperactive, expressive and radiant. They can effortlessly light up your face.

They’re also especially fragile. At 25, you can already see the first signs of time and tiredness. Wondering which part of the face most worries women? Look no further.

Eye care expert, Clarins, introduces TOTAL EYE LIFT.

Developed for all women and all ages, this exceptional eye care takes on everything that stands in the way of total eye radiance. Puffiness and dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles and even firmness. The well-known specialists of natural active ingredients and masters in formulating plants, Clarins Laboratories combines unique botanical ingredients in a formula that’s 94% from natural origins to offer you an exceptional eye contour treatment!

1 On a scale of 1 to 10, 79% of women scored the eye zone as 7 (10 being the highest). Source : exclusive Clarins 2014 IFOP study – 5725 women, 6 countries (China, Taiwan, USA, UK, France & Japan).

Efficacy in 60 seconds sharp!

Close your eyes and apply – its gel-cream texture enriched with cassie wax smoothes the often overworked skin of this fragile area.

1. Satisfaction test – 110 women – 60 seconds after the 1st application.

2. Satisfaction test – 110 women – 28 days.


Dark circles and bags to diminish signs of fatigue when you’re low on beauty sleep and high in stress. See supple skin and a radiant, refreshed and wide-awake look.


Expression lines and eyelids that have started to sag. Snap your eyes into awake mode for a more intense and luminous look.


The skin around eyelids and the eye contour for an open-eyed and visibly younger look.

Our powerful lifting-smoothing duo

We know you don’t have time to lose. That’s why Clarins Research counts  on the high-performance combination of two active ingredients – organic harungana extract and cassie wax – for a double lifting and smoothing action instantly.  Day after day, eyes look more open and the eyes and eye lids appear lifted.




✓  Albizia extract against bags and dark circles

✓   Horse chestnut escin, organic guarana extract and plant caffeine as backup against tired-looking eyes

✓  Organic shea butter for a skin-cocooning effect.


And when it comes to anti-ageing, it’s one of the most efficient active ingredients at Clarins. By stimulating the synthesis of skin-tightening proteins PARVIN and VINCULIN, it also boosts the synthesis of collagen I and III, which are the main components of the skin’s extra-cellular support network and responsible for maintaining the skin’s lifted effect. Day after day, you’ll see the effects of lifted, replenished skin.

The Clarins PRO Touch

A smart texture

You’ll see straight away that it’s not like the others. With the freshness of a gel and the sublime smoothness of a cream, this hybrid balm is irresistible. You can massage its lightweight, fresh and soft texture into skin, from temple to temple, using a method we designed for maximum efficacy.

5 seconds to apply. 60 seconds to see results.

Start by warming the texture for a few seconds between your fingers. Then apply, using 3 fingertips and light pressing movements. Do this for 5 SECONDS, on upper and lower eyelids, from temple to temple. Press down lightly between the eyebrows a few times. Those wide-open eyes in the mirror? All yours!

95% Comfortable texture⁸

94% Penetrates quickly⁸

*Satisfaction test – 110 women – 28 days

Eco-conscious eye care

Our commitment has always been to be responsible, sustainable beauty.

A Nature-First Formula

Plant caffeine (which replaces synthetic caffeine), organic harungana extract, organic guarana extract, organic shea butter and agro-sourced glycols. A formula – 94% from natural origins – that takes naturality up a notch.

Responsible packaging

That uses 25% recycled glass and that’s 100% recyclable. The outer carton cones from sustainably managed forests

Fair Trade

The organic harugana extract used in the formula is obtained via a fair trade programme in Madagascar, in partnership with Jardins du Monde, which since 2003 has worked to preserve and reinstate the use of local medicinal plants in communities that done have access to conventional medicine

Total Eye Lift is available online at:

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