Empathy for Breakfast Enters Second Season

Empathy for Breakfast Enters Second Season

Online breakfast show helps people start the day with empathy, hosted by author, managing director and regenerative leadership specialist Mimi Nicklin


Dubai, 20th August 2020 : The popular online breakfast show, Empathy for Breakfast will enter its second season on Tuesday 25 August 2020 at 10:00 AM. This innovative weekly show provides people with insight, inspiration and practical knowledge that empowers them to enter the week ahead with empathy in a compact 17 minute long format. The first season that ran for three months attracted over 60,000 viewers across three continents.


Empathy for Breakfast is hosted live online every Tuesday morning by empathetic leadership expert, Mimi Nicklin, the author of Softening the Edge (available to pre-order now), an experienced marketer and communications specialist and a well-known empathetic leader. Passionate about empathy in all areas of life, Mimi is committed to working with business leaders to help build healthy workplaces around the world.


Knowing that people love to be read to, and so seldom get the chance in today’s always on times, Mimi opens the show every week with a short reading from a book or content piece, before unpacking the insights contained in the content. While the first season included insights in stories about Siya Kolisi, Jacinda Arden, Nelson Mandela, Satya Nadella and others, listeners have a lot more to look forward to.


“The second season of Empathy for Breakfast is designed to take empathy further, including topics such as empathy and genetics,  how our brains are wired and emotional intelligence as we recover from Covid” said Mimi Nicklin. “The response to the first season was just overwhelming, with incredible feedback every week. I love engaging with everyone that watches the show, so please keep those messages coming” she added.


For more information, and regular updates, go to www.miminicklin.com or follow Mimi on social media: @MimiNicklin.


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