Sharjah Public Library targets wide audience with four expert-led virtual discussions in August

Sharjah Public Library targets wide audience with four
expert-led virtual discussions in August

Live sessions to focus on human development, self development, education, and culture



Sharjah, August 11, 2020:Sharjah Public Library (SPL), an affiliate of the Sharjah Book Authority (SBA), has announced the hosting of a series of four expert-led virtual sessions in August on topics that range from human development and self-development to culture and education, moderated by Rama Muhana.


Organised on the WebEx platform, these interactive sessions are being held as part of SPL’s mission to disseminate knowledge and develop the skills of its audience across varied segments and age groups.


On August 15 at 5 pm, Dr. Mohammed Issam Mahho, will lead the first interactive session on ‘Persuasion tools and mastering impact’ where attendees will imbibe strategies on how to use the power of persuasion through a variety of effective methods and techniques.


The following Saturday on August 22 at 5 pm, Dr. Hala Alablam, will lead the second session titled ‘Remedial reading for children’ to share and discuss the concept of remedial reading, a highly effective short-term intervention of tutoring struggling young readers, and explore its many components and programmes.

On Monday, August 24 at 5pm, Dr. Fatima Bu Haroon, will engage the audience in an enlightening discussion on ‘Change your expectations… your life changes’ where she will provide insight into the types of expectations one experiences and what these reveal about an individual’s personality.


The concluding webinar session titled, ‘The art of childcare’, will be held on August 29 at 5pm. During this virtual discussion, Dr. Hossam Altatrari, will delve into the most common mistakes parents make with regard to their children’s education, nutrition, medication, and so on.


The Sharjah Public Library was founded by Sheikh Sultan bin Saqr Al Qasimi in 1925 under the name ‘Al Qasimiyah Library,’ with the facility initially serving as his private archive. Its location has changed several times over the years, moving from Al Hisn (Sharjah Fort) in Bait Al Gharbi under the Mudeef Building to Sharjah City Municipality, then to Africa Hall and then to Sharjah Cultural Centre and Sharjah University City.


In May 2011, the Ruler of Sharjah, inaugurated the new building of the library at the Cultural Palace Square, its current location under the title Sharjah Public Library. The new facility contains approximately half a million books in multiple languages across numerous fields, including science, humanities, art, and literature.



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