essence Vegan Picks 

essence Vegan Picks 

Living consciously is a lifestyle and caring for animals is a huge part of it. Have you been making sure that any product you purchase has not been tested on animals? Why should an animal suffer for you to look pretty? We are proud to say that all essence products are a 100% cruelty free as testing our products or ingredients on animals is a complete no-go! We are also proud to say, that now, 70% of our products are vegan, and we are hoping that this percentage continues to grow in the future.

Let’s take you through some of our vegan favorites from our SS20 assortment


Vegan Product No 1: 


For those hot summer days, most of us girls avoid heavy makeup and lean towards using a lightweight tinted base. essence has recently introduced the holy grail of all primers, “myskin PERFECTOR” is guaranteed to give you that flawless smooth filter effect with its pleasantly light and mousse-like texture. You can apply it on its own for a natural youthful look or even use it as a base for your girls’ night out makeup.

Vegan Product No 2:


Pandas are definitely cute fluffy animals, but when it comes to your eyes, let’s avoid the panda resemblance! The perfect mascara is smudge-proof and does not compromise on the volume and definition of you lashes. BYE BYE PANDA EYES! mascara will coat your lashes with a deep black oil free formula. And the best thing is it doesn’t clump or crumble and is easy to remove with warm water without the need for makeup remover!

Vegan Product No 3: 

CHOOSE YOUR Glow! highlighter palette 

Candlelit Glow, Major Glow, & Summer Glow are three gorgeous shades that light up this unique palette. Whether you are looking for a natural everyday radiance or looking to add a bronzy glow to your tan, or even looking to turn heads on a special occasion, “CHOOSE YOUR Glow!” highlighter palette has it all.

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