UAE-based Company to Host First-Ever Global Live Stream Pole Vaulting Competition

UAE-based Company to Host First-Ever Global Live Stream Pole Vaulting Competition

As sports events slowly resume across the globe, there’s more exciting news for track and field enthusiast everywhere!

 UAE-based Fine Hygienic Holding (FHH), one of the world’s leading wellness groups and manufacturers of hygienic paper products, makers of the world’s only hygienic face mask enhanced with the Swiss patented Livinguard technology — fine Guard Sports Mask — announces plans to host its first ever spectacular live virtual Pole-Vaulting competition.

The live virtual event will consist of three of the world’s top pole vaulter champions who will be vaulting from three countries across the globe; each participant will set his own bar height and will be live streamed online as they vault.

The list of participants includes; EJ Obiena, Asian Gold Medalist and record holder. Paweł Wojciechowski, the current European pole-vaulting champion and previous world champion. Finally, Matt Ludwig, US Indoor Champion. furthermore, Hussain Al Hizam, the Saudi Arabian pole vaulter who won gold medal at the 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games, will be attending the competition as a guest.  


Remarking on the upcoming competition, FHH CEO, James Michael Lafferty, said, “The entire world has been collectively put through the ringer this year, and though we are slowly starting to get back to a semblance of the ‘new normal,’ it’s still a major adjustment. I don’t think people realize just how significant sporting events are in our lives and now that they’re gone, we’re all feeling the loss.

“This event is unlike anything ever done before; it’s an elite competition with real prize money and some of the pole vaulting’s most incredible athlete’s—all completely live streamed to the world who will be watching as one competitor wins the title of the ‘FINEst Pole Vaulter in the World.’


Most importantly, we believe that this event will be so much more than just entertainment. This competition will give all of these athletes, who are all going to Tokyo 2021, some chances to compete and prepare for the Olympic Games. It will also bring back some excitement and optimism, giving people something to look forward to and encouraging them to keep their spirits up as we continue to move through what has been an extremely difficult year.”


The global competition will be organized and sponsored by Fine and is set to take place at on August 17 at 9:00 am US Eastern Standard Time. Just like any true competition, the stakes for the live virtual event are real!

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