Arab Youth Center to Announce Results of Arab Youth Priorities Study on August 11, 2020

Arab Youth Center to Announce Results of Arab Youth Priorities Study on August 11, 2020

Conference Held in Collaboration with Arab League, Arab Youth Ministers


Abu Dhabi-UAE: 9 August 2020 – Under the patronage of the League of Arab States (Arab League), and with the participation of the United Nations and several Arab youth ministers and youth sector officials from different parts of the Arab world, the Arab Youth Center (AYC), headed by His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs, today announced that it will release the results of its comprehensive study titled ‘Arab Youth Priorities’ as part of the Arab Youth Priorities Conference, set to run on August 11, 2020 on the eve of International Youth Day.

The digital conference will highlight Arab youth priorities and examine ways to realize them. It will also announce the results of the comprehensive study undertaken The study findings are  expected to establish a clear roadmap to help develop policies and programs to enable Arab youth to maximize their potential.

The conference, to be held virtually, will include an opening address by His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman, Chairman of the Transitional Committee of the UAE Football Association, and Vice President of the Arab Youth Center. His Excellency Ahmed Aboul Gheit, Secretary-General of the Arab League, will also deliver a keynote speech, highlighting the key findings of the Arab Youth Priorities study. In addition, Her Excellency Dr Dena Assaf, United Nations Resident Coordinator for the UAE, and Her Excellency Dr Haifa Abu Ghazaleh, Assistant Secretary General, and Head of Social Affairs sector at the Arab League will also headline the conference.

Arab youth ministers from Egypt, Morocco, Bahrain, Jordan, Mauritania and the UAE, as well as the Director General of the General Authority for Youth in Kuwait and the Director General of the UAE’s Federal Youth Authority, are also expected to address the participants of the digital conference. Media organizations interested in covering the event can register to attend the conference.

The first phase of the Arab Youth Priorities study surveyed 7,000 young people from 21 Arab countries aged between 15 and 34 years. The Arab youth priorities were identified across key sectors to support decision makers in learning about the issues that the youth consider most important for their overall advancement.

The key sectors include education, healthcare, security, income, job opportunities, self-development, the environment, infrastructure, social standards, entertainment, and technological progress.

Her Excellency Shamma bint Sohail Faris Al Mazrouei, Minister of State for Youth Affairs and Vice President of the Arab Youth Center, said: “Data that is collected through leveraging scientific approaches that survey the priorities of Arab youth across various age groups and social segments plays a vital role in building the future, since it gives a comprehensive picture of the needs and ambitions of our young people, and offers decision makers a clear roadmap to build youth strategies and develop programs that can achieve their desired goals.”

She added: “Owing to their capabilities, ambition and perseverance, and based on a culture of positivity, hard work, self-belief and keenness to enhance their skills and capacities, Arab youth today are in prime position to transform challenges into opportunities. In doing so, they are set to realize their core priorities through utilizing Arab governmental and institutional programs that enable them to play a proactive role in shaping their future.”

For his part, His Excellency Saeed Al Nazari, Director General of the Federal Youth Authority, Chief Strategy Officer at the Arab Youth Center, said: “The study’s results will be available to all stakeholders that support young leaders in developing strategies, programs and initiatives, thereby contributing to engaging the youth in various developmental sectors. These findings will also become an important and ready reference to benefit Arab youth ministries and institutions.”

He added: “AYC will monitor the priorities of Arab youth on a regular basis. The Center is working to provide an annual database to support researchers and decision-makers with crucial data and information obtained from the region’s young people, that will constitute a comprehensive research reference. We will also closely assess the feedback received on the outcomes of the study as part of an ongoing dialogue that brings together officials and the youth.”

The survey targeted various segments of the Arab youth who represent 34 percent of the total population in most Arab countries, among the highest globally. Arab human resources constitute a vital asset that can be enhanced through a clear vision of the priorities of Arab youth in vital sectors such as education, income, stability, job opportunities, and self-development.

The virtual conference that is set to draw the participation of officials from the region, will also host a special dialogue featuring 100 young men and women from across the Arab world, to discuss the outcomes of the study. During the conference, the Arab Youth Center is also expected to announce an initiative related to Arab youth priorities.

The Arab Youth Center invests in data and research that serves the youth sector according to several developmental paths related to the collection and analysis of youth data. As part of this priority, AYC routinely commissions research in line with best programs and practices in the Arab and international youth sector, to establish a ready reference for decision-makers, researchers and youth service workers.


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