Mango is the most searched fruit on the NRTC Fresh platform during the summer season

Mango is the most searched fruit on the NRTC Fresh platform during the summer season

According to NRTC Fresh, the demand for mangoes is at an all-time high during the summer season. In the last three months, Mangoes were the most searched and ordered item on the platform, with almost 5,000 searches and a 90% increase in orders.

Strawberries and oranges were also among the top searched fruits on the platform in the last three months. However, mangoes were still the preferred choice over these classic summer fruits as strawberries had 2,000 searches, and oranges had 1,700 searches.


“From our internal stats, Mango is the most searched fruit on the NRTC Fresh platform during the summer season. Though popularly known for its sweet taste and bright color, mangoes are very high in nutrients, especially Vitamin C, which aids in boosting the immune system and protecting the body from illnesses. In today’s health crisis, it is important that NRTC Fresh continues to provide the fresh and affordable high nutrient fruits and vegetables for consumers across the UAE”, said Mr. Mohammad Nassar, Chief Executive Officer of NRTC Fresh.


NRTC Fresh currently offers two varieties of mangoes, which include the Mango White Chaunsa from Pakistan and Mango R2E2 from Egypt. The Pakistani Mango is sold in bulk at AED 50 per box, while the Egyptian Mango is sold per kg at AED 14. Both mangoes share similar traits of being sweet, juicy, aromatic, and have numerous health benefits.


Mangoes are packed with polyphenols, the plant compound that functions as antioxidants to protect body cells against free radical damage. They are excellent for digestive health as mangoes contain plenty of water and dietary fiber that help solve digestive problems like constipation and diarrhea. This summer fruit also helps prevent heatstroke as it cools you down instantly when eaten.


NRTC Fresh offers weekly special offers where consumers can get unbeatable discounted prices on fresh Mangoes at home’s comfort. Consumers can place their orders through the website, the NRTC Fresh App on the App Store and Google Play.



About NRTC Fresh


Founded in December 2018, NRTC Fresh was founded to supply high-quality produce from local and international farms to UAE residents. NRTC Fresh prides itself on ensuring only the freshest products are delivered. NRTC Fresh is owned by the NRTC Group which has been in operation for over 40 years in the UAE,  supplying high profile UAE clients across sectors such as retail, hospitals, airlines, HORECA as well as ruler’s palaces. Now with the launch of the e-commerce site, NRTC Fresh goods are available for consumers and individuals to enjoy. For online purchases, visit:


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