Elvira Jain set to launch new beauty technology ..

Dubai-based model, Elvira Jain set to launch new beauty technology Towing the line of her grandfather no, Ion Habasescu who was a renowned scientist, Elvira Jain is all set to launch a beauty technology that would revolutionize the beauty industry, and by extension the world of beauty pageantry.

The technology which Elvira calls Face Fitness will bypass using Botox or injections to a natural beauty process giving the same result, without the use of needles causing pain. This process, according to her, will make the skin healthy and natural.

She explains: Face Fitness is a trademarked UAE brand that I am creating that is about face muscle workout and how to maintain your youth without any injections. I am creating an app that is guided by the famous Carol Maggio from Los Angeles that invented the Face exercises 30 years ago and a mix with face muscle workout done in “ Face Fitness place with the aid of some collagen stimulation machines.”

Elvira will also be launching a social-networking platform called ‘Social Pass’. According to her, “Social pass is gathering of all biggest influencers and models on a platform in UAE that will facilitate brands around UAE to promote their businesses and get easier access to famous bloggers, influencers, and top models .

We will have an elite circle.” The two projects ought to have been launched long ago but postponed because of the Corona-virus pandemic ravaging the world. For those who know the Dubai-based model making waves around the world, she has always had the secret ambition of inventing or creating something that will contribute to the advancement of the human race and it seems she may just be doing that with the Face Fitness App she has up her sleeve. “Just as my grandfather was a scientist, with over 100 patents to his credit, inventing machines for agriculture, I always wanted to do something big , like investing the cure for a big disease or inventing some important medicine for cancer but then life took me to the path of a model and now I hope as an investor and entrepreneur at a point I will be able to do it,” she once said.

Elvina Jain never even planned to be a model, it was a hand of fate that steered her in that direction. Before she had a chance to make a real life decision on the trajectory of her life she scooped up a discovery that shaped her life. A designer by the name of Valentina Vidrascu discovered her at the age of 16. By the time was 18, she had started running the show in the world of modeling by floating her own modeling agency. Elvira believes that individuals who want to see change in the world should try to change themselves first as that’s the first step to bringing in the real change.

She explained, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We need to protect our nature as our nature needs us and we need a healthy nature for our own health and good! Start making a sustainable choice for a better life in future” exhibiting the environmentalist in her. She strongly believes that only by making sustainable and healthy lifestyle choices, we can try to not damage mother nature Elvira was a finalist of Miss Tourism Moldova in România; 4th placed finalist at ‘World League of Beauty and Fashion’ in Turkey; finalist of ‘Global Charity Queen Moldova’ and ‘Miss Earth Moldova’. She also represented Moldova at ‘Best Models Of The World’ in Bulgaria.

She has worked with big brands like Dior, Philip Plein, Armani , Dolce Gabana ,Chanel ,Van Cleef & Arpels, to name just a few and has graced the covers of many magazines across the world like loficiel ,harpers bazar and many others. She has also done multiple editorials with Woman’s Health ,Esquire ,Hello ,Ahlan ,Viva ,Haya , Zak amongst others.

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