IKEA adds summer to your morning routine

IKEA adds summer to your morning routine

Better morning routines can improve your whole day, giving it a good momentum. While there are tiny changes you can implement immediately, there are some habits that need to be instilled slowly. IKEA’s recommendation is to choose whatever feels most beneficial!

A simple way of getting a head start on this is taking nature’s way! See how much you can do with minor adjustments using IKEA products and enjoy the boost that comes with it:



BLANDA BLANK Serving Bowl, Dhs 19

SAXBORGA Jar with lid, set of 5 Dhs 69

SAXBORGA Storage box with mirror, Dhs 79

The first thing most of us do to give our morning a head start is splash some cold chilled water on our face to wake up. It’s not only refreshing but also clean. But why not add some well-being to it? Bring your morning kit, SAXBORGA storage box with your morning essentials and a provisional washbasin, BLANDA BLANK serving bowl, out on your balcony and turn your morning into a bright, mindful ritual.


HÅLLÖ Seat/back cushion, Dhs 145

There’s no need to go inside just yet! Yoga is the best way to channel out the negative energy and improve a person’s mental well-being. The HÅLLÖ seat cushion perfectly as a yoga mat.


STRIMMIG bowl, starting from Dhs 9

Now that you are completely relaxed, how about breakfast from a warm balcony? Even something as simple as tea, coffee or oatmeal’s will seem like a buffet breakfast if served the STRIMMING bowl. You’ll add both stability and a room-service feel.


BYLLAN Laptop support, Dhs 59

VITTSJÖ Laptop stand, Dhs 95

Naturally, you don’t need a balcony to enjoy your summer mornings. Slide your bed over to the window, draw the curtains, let the sunlight in and do your first tasks of the week. Work on your bed with the BYLLAN laptop support or VITTSJÖ laptop stand to get the same feel as your study.

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