Introducing Rove Hotel’s Podcast Studio,……

Introducing Rove Hotel’s Podcast Studio, Available for Free To Podcasters & Content Creators
Giving back to the community, Rove is offering the initial Podcast Studio rental for free until 31st August 2020

The Rove Podcast Studio is available to content creators, start-ups and entrepreneurs looking for new ways to promote their businesses.


Dubai, UAE (July 2020): It’s the golden age of content creation, and the podcast is the creative outlet of the masses, from the A-list celebrity to the young up-and-comers. While anyone can be podcaster, not everyone has access to the right equipment; Enter Rove Hotels and its brand-new Podcast Studio at Rove Downtown!


Already home to Dubai’s co-working community and digital nomads, Rove is opening up to podcasters, content creators and small businesses. The Rove Podcast Studio gives budding and established digital content creators the chance to utilise a dedicated room setup. The self-service studio, at Rove Downtown, is fully equipped with easy-to-use plug-and-play equipment suitable for both amateur and experienced podcasters.


Over the last few months, many businesses and individuals have been rethinking their communication strategy and trying to amplify their reach. With audio and video podcasts on the rise as a popular promotional channel, Rove will be offering the studio rental completely free of cost to content creators, along with start-ups and entrepreneurs looking for new ways to market their businesses. After that, the studio will be available at special rates starting from AED 150/hour.


Time slots are available daily from 8am to 8pm. Simply email events@rovehotels.comto book the studio and get podcasting with Rove Hotels. You’ll even be able to avail of special food and beverage deals while making use of The Rove Podcast Studio.


As always, Rove Hotels takes pride in its cleanliness and hygiene standards, but, these days, the team is being extra careful to make sure Rovers are as safe and comfortable as possible. The Rove Podcast Studio will be thoroughly sanitised prior to podcasters’ arrival and after they leave.


Podcasters will also undergo quick, hassle-free temperature checks before entering the studio, and in-room sanitiser will be provided. In addition to disposable headphone and microphone covers, podcasters can rest assured that the mic guard will be sanitised after every use.

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