Don’t just listen to Pulse 95 Radio, watch it on the station’s new YouTube channel!

Don’t just listen to Pulse 95 Radio, watch it on the station’s new YouTube channel!

Sharjah’s first English language radio station’s will livestream five of its radio shows most popular with young listeners


Sharjah, 19 July 2020:
In a first of its kind for the English language radio industry in the Arabian Gulf Region, Sharjah’s Pulse 95 Radio, an affiliate of the Sharjah Broadcasting Authority, has launched a new YouTube channel to livestream its popular programmes in a bid to strengthen its online presence across audio and video content formats.

Pulse 95 Radio, which hit the UAE airwaves in May 2018 as Sharjah’s first English language radio station, is one of the early adopters of visual content to expand outreach to both social media users and radio listeners in the region. By moving into a new format of digital media consumption, the station has positioned itself as the frontrunner in responding effectively to changing consumer habits.

Dubbed as ‘The Heart of Sharjah,’ the broadcaster will livestream digital video versions of five of its most popular radio shows on its newly launched YouTube channel, Pulse 95 Radio. These include The Morning Majlis, which provides an overview of the top local and international news stories along with the latest business developments; Afternoon Karak, which focuses on youth development, popular entertainment, geek culture, and more; Future Talk that celebrates all things tech including the latest scoop on gadgets; Yalla Home, a platform for trending stories and artists that focuses on local talents; and The Half Time Show,  a one-hour sports radio segment.


Commenting on the launch of YouTube channel, Saif Al Shalal, Head of Pulse 95 Radio, said: “Right from its inception, Pulse 95 Radio has been leading change in Sharjah and the wider region; we have been putting in concerted efforts to drive the future of radio in the UAE. The launch of the Pulse 95 Radio’s YouTube channel cements this position further and attests to the technical capabilities of the Sharjah Broadcasting Authority as we come up with creative ways to inform, entertain, educate, and meet the expectations of both our listeners and advertisers.”


He added: “Today, radio broadcasters worldwide are placing greater emphasis on live and recorded video to gain traction with their social media platforms and offer distinctive content to a new set of young audience whose pattern of consumption of media are vastly different from the traditional radio audience. Pulse 95 Radio has consistently generated high listening time, and the livestreaming YouTube channel will further build value for our diverse sets of audiences and advertisers.”


“Our marquee RJs such as Big Hass, Anaa Schofield, and Aisha Al Mazmi, amongst a host of others, are dynamic, high-level influencers who have been making waves across the UAE through uplifting, wholesome content and unique music programmes. The Pulse 95 Radio YouTube channel will further strengthen the bonds our multi-cultural community of listeners have with their favourite hosts and drive increased engagement through the stories they tell,” he further noted.

Listeners and viewers can tune in to Pulse 95 Radio’s livestream link on


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