Sharaf DG Energy urges homeowners to utilise solar energy solutions for a better tomorrow and save up to 90% on DEWA bills


Dubai, UAE, 15th July 2020 – The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that human societies can transform swiftly. While businesses work their way through the economic crisis, every individual can play a huge part in creating a sustainable environment, just by making a few lifestyle changes.


A spike in electricity bills from May to September is a common issue faced by UAE residents. There is a constant need for air-conditioning throughout the summer season in the desert. Villa owners unfortunately cannot avoid the extortionate upkeep costs of their dream homes. However, Sharaf DG Energy can help residents better manage their finances by reducing their electricity bills for the next two decades. Thus, saving huge amounts of money while also maintaining a sustainable post-pandemic future.


  1. Place Solar Panels on your roof


The aftermath of the pandemic has put a huge strain on the global economy, resulting in an undeniable dent on people’s finances. With more time being spent at home, residents have been trying to find ways to cope with a new normal, with the end goal of reducing their expenditure and living a sustainable lifestyle.


While most expenses may not be easy to control due to external factors, residents can surely save a hefty sum by adopting solar energy into their homes. By simply switching to solar power, residents can save thousands of dirhams every year on their electricity bills, for an average lifetime period of 25-30 years. Moreover, if a villa owner decides to leave the UAE before the stipulated term, they need not worry as the typical resell value of their property will only increase. So, not only is the sun the oldest source of energy, it is also inexhaustible and very cost-effective.


For Dubai residents, Shams Dubai by DEWA allows solar installations on rooftops and garages and provides the service of connecting the installation to the grid. This will help you avoid the heavy costs of batteries and regular maintenance, whilst eliminating your AC and chiller bills.


Sanjay Dabur, Vice-President of Strategic Business at Sharaf DG, said: “We have helped more than 500 families to reduce their electricity consumption by 3,110,000 kWh which is equivalent to savings of 940,000 liters of gasoline annually. Once residents opt for solar power, Sharaf DG Energy will take care of the finance, design, operations, and maintenance.”


Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy does not pollute the environment by emitting any greenhouse gases and is known to be the cleanest source of energy. This makes it the ultimate solution to addressing the impact and challenges of global warming.


  1. Change all the lights to LED


Considering lighting constitutes 20-30% of a typical electricity bill, the transition from traditional bulbs to energy-efficient LED lamps is a great way to dramatically decrease your energy bills as well as significantly reducing your CO2 emissions. Once you replace old incandescent, halogen or fluorescent (CFL) lamps with LED lighting, expect energy savings up to 30%. You will be able to make the payback within the first 4 months itself.


Depending on the usage it receives, an average LED bulb lasts up to 5-10 years, which means with a long lifespan, LED lighting can positively impact the environment. LED sources are effective as they use at least 75% less energy, and last 25 times longer. This means you will have to replace many of them to achieve the life of a single LED.


  1. Tint your windows to reduce heat gain


With residential solar control film, UAE residents can enjoy relief from the sun without hiding behind their heavy curtains or room-darkening shades. It can greatly reduce the heat that passes through a window and reflect away harsh UV rays. These films improve energy savings by blocking up to 80% of the sun’s heat and significantly reducing the effect of UV rays that fade furniture, carpets, and flooring. By eliminating energy coming in from the sun, visible light is still able to pass through the glass whilst keeping the temperature inside the room or car cool.


  1. Inspect the efficiency of your AC units


According to the UAE State of Energy Report from the Ministry of Energy, Dubai residents alone consume around 3.3 million refrigeration tonnes of cooling during the peak summer season. While 70% of the UAE’s electricity bills spike due to cooling and air conditioning, it is essential to make smart decisions about your home’s heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system.


When you hire a licensed HVAC technician, they make sure that your system is reaching its full potential. With a well-designed thermostat system that monitors and controls the room’s temperature, your air-conditioning avoids working harder. Additionally, cleaning of clogged filters and dirty vents helps in improving the efficiency of the system. This will ultimately increase the life of a cooling system and help prevent the need for emergency maintenance. In turn, reducing energy consumption, lowering your carbon footprint, and saving you money.


  1. Monitor your devices using IoT home automation


‘Internet of Things’ is an umbrella term used for all technologies that enable the connection of a device to the Internet. By simply making your home a ‘smart home’, you can control all your electronic devices via an app or even a voice command. With the use of sensors, the system constantly collects data to determine your consumption patterns and thus personalises your experience.


Incorporating these simple tips not only creates a better home to live in but also addresses a much larger parallel catastrophe – climate change.


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About Sharaf DG Energy

As a progressive and forward-thinking enterprise, Sharaf DG Energy brings together global experience and local knowledge to create sustainable solutions. Founded in 2014 as part of Sharaf Group’s conglomerate of 47 companies, Sharaf DG Energy aims to carry on Sharaf Group’s legacy as leaders in each industry it has operated in, since 1975.

At Sharaf DG Energy, the mission is to make solar power the largest source of sustainable energy in the UAE. Sharaf DG Energy provides sustainable energy solutions across a variety of business sectors as well as residential areas so clients can generate their own clean energy, benefit from annual energy savings, and learn to value the natural environment. Residential Villa Owners can now reduce their electricity bills with solar power and maintaining a greener tomorrow.


For more information please visit or follow us at or on Facebook at Sharaf DG Energy.

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