First in the region payment plan grows from offering ‘Shop Now Pay Later’ for online purchases to in the store, helping consumers buy what they love today with no interest, no cost and no catch

[Dubai, July 12, 2020] Following the enormous success of its deferred online payment scheme, Spotii, the innovative payment technology provider, is now the first Shop Now Pay Later in the region to bring the same deferred payment scheme offline and in the store exclusive to Spotii merchants.

Spotii – which launched in April 2020 – allows consumers to split purchase costs over four payments – with a 25% down payment at checkout, then an additional three payments.

The pandemic-beating payment plan is only available at participating merchants, but Spotii is seeing a flurry of merchants keen to generate new sales.

With absolutely no hidden costs, fees or charges for the customer, Spotii’s first-to-market, industry-disrupting payment mechanism will help consumers make purchases during the tough post-pandemic period, wherever they shop, whether at an online retailer or in a physical store.

Here’s how it works: You visit one of your favourite stores and if they’re a Spotii merchant, you can use Spotii’s easy payment terms for your purchase. You pay 25% of the purchase costs and take your goods. Then you simply make another 25% payment either every other week or every month, with no hidden costs, fees, or charges. If your favourite store isn’t on Spotii you can ask them to get in touch with Spotii and join its growing network. Flexibility and consumer convenience is at the heart of Spotii’s offering, along with giving merchants a convenient way to offer more payment options to customers.

CEO Anuscha Iqbal says:  “We launched our services online, but we are acutely aware that while online purchases have doubled in the region during the pandemic, real-world shopping is a huge part of UAE culture, and we want to ensure we help people out everywhere. We can now help merchants deliver state of the art payment solutions to customers both on- and offline.”

“Many haven’t got the time, or resources required to quickly develop an online presence. Our ‘In store’ offering is a comfortable, convenient way for merchants to offer innovative payment to customers, and a bridge between bricks and mortar and digital,” explains Iqbal.

Research shows deferred payment options increase buyer’s basket size, boost conversion rates and decrease refunds – reducing the need for merchant discounting and increasing customer loyalty.

Splitting payments is not a new concept, but Spotii is proudly the region’s first payment-splitting offering which does not charge consumers to use its service – and never will.

Merchants can sign up directly with Spotii, via the website

To find out more and to see where you can take advantage of the growing range of innovative Spotii deferred payment offerings, visit


About Spotii

Spotii is a tech-enabled payments platform where anyone can Shop Now and Pay Later with absolutely zero interest or cost. Our mission is to empower a generation to enjoy more today what they will love forever through technology, trust and inclusion.

Growing up during the Great Recession, we at Team Spotii observed firsthand the lasting impact of predatory finance. This inspired us to find a better way to access what we love without fear or worry of overly punitive consequences.

We imagined redefining ecommerce around trust. We imagined a vibrant, mobile and social platform for discovering new brands and experiences. We imagined an empowered community.

This is why we launched Spotii. Our vision is to build a connected, engaging and passionate experiential ecosystem across the MENA region and beyond. Join us!

Stay informed with all things Spotii:

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