Dubai Land Department Launches Real Estate Promotion initiative” Invest in Dubai”

Dubai Land Department Launches Real Estate Promotion initiative” Invest in Dubai”

Bin Mejren: Successes that reflect the flexibility of the government’s directives and the strength of its real estate sector during all circumstances  

Our new initiative invites unique real estate minds experts to build together a phenomenal global city


Dubai, UAE, 07th July 2020: The Dubai Land Department (DLD), through the Promotion and Real Estate Investment Management Sector, launched its new ‘Invest in Dubai’ initiative under the theme ‘Discussing the Opportunities that Arise from Dubai as a Real Estate Investment Destination’. The initiative aims to highlight Dubai’s position in real estate on a global front. It also sets out to confirm the vision and aspirations of Dubai, being a leading city in the world underpinning various real estate investment projects through an automated, virtual platform that features everyone operating in this field, including developers, investors, and brokers, linking them with investors from around the world.


DLD invited media representatives to attend the official launch of the real estate direct-investment initiative via a virtual platform, ‘Invest in Dubai.’ The event, which was broadcast live via a virtual platform, witnessed a number of real estate developers, in addition to representatives from the Banking Sector, and a number of DLD’s partners.


In his speech, HE Sultan Butti bin Mejren, Director General of DLD said: “Dubai is witnessing successes that reflect the flexibility of the government’s directives during all circumstances, which qualifies it to enter a vital stage that would reflect the strength of the real estate environment in Dubai and its attractiveness. Here, the need to unify our visions, bring together real estate minds from around the world, and harness tools and capabilities are of utmost importance for us to help shape the future of real estate in a manner that enhances the sustainability of our successes to achieve global leadership in Dubai’s real estate market.”

The new initiative keeps pace with the current changes in the real estate market, promotes the quality of life in Dubai and the diversity of cultures and nationalities, emphasises Dubai’s market and its attractiveness, and offers real estate knowledge as well as distinguished services to all investors.


The launch of the initiative embodies DLD’s confidence in Dubai’s position as the best city in for real estate investment. It also comes from its comprehensive vision and works according to a carefully studied strategy, which emits an implementation plan that qualifies it to take appropriate decisions, based on accurate information and opinion polls. It will also drive the wheel of promotion and attract the local and foreign real estate investment to the emirate by relying on this virtual platform, affirming confidence in the attractiveness of Dubai’s real estate sector.


During the virtual launch event, Majida Ali Rashid, CEO, Promotion and Real Estate Investment Management Sector at DLD said: “Through our new initiative, we will invite outstanding real estate minds from all over the world to communicate through this unique and beneficial virtual platform, where they can build new relationships and attract real estate investments to build a phenomenal global city that has inspired us to progress into the future and overcome all our challenges.  Over the past few years, Dubai has secured its place as a global investment hub and the most important investment destination in the world, and we are committed to thriving the investment gateway by connecting to the most distinguished local and international organisations and experts.”


She added: “During the current pandemic, Dubai has proven itself to be one of the top-performing cities. We also witnessed together its success and financial stability as well as the flexibility of the government’s performance. We would like to take this unique opportunity to strengthen our international relationships further and enhance Dubai real estate practices with the help of globally distinct and knowledgeable minds.


The organisers of the initiative are looking forward to achieving a number of important goals, including empowering investors in the real estate market to contribute to the new platform in developing their businesses and organising access to distinguished and comprehensive services in the real estate field. The initiative will also play an important role in highlighting the various real estate investment projects and confirming the attractiveness of Dubai’s real estate sector. This initiative will cover Dubai and countries from all over the world that are looking to start investing as well as investors looking to live in Dubai.

The initiative reflects DLD’s constant keenness to maintain the leading position that Dubai has achieved in the real estate market, especially as it will focus on providing the latest services and facilitating communication between government and private sectors, enabling all parties to work together as efficiently as possible to achieve continual development.


Those interested can register via a computer through the link:




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