L’Occitane Makeup – Drawing Inspiration From the Magnificent Colors of Provence!

L’Occitane Makeup – Drawing Inspiration From the Magnificent Colors of Provence!

Last year, we launched a very sunny, very yummy collection of lipsticks, balms, scrubs and masks inspired by Provençal markets. Enriched with ingredients such as carrot, mandarin, raspberry, pomelo and pomegranate, it was full of mouthwatering flavors and textures. This year, we’re making the collection even bigger and even better, drawing inspiration from the magnificent colors of the unique region at the heart of L’OCCITANE: Provence.

We’re bringing out not one, not two, but seven new shades of our Intense Lipstick! And they offer more than just color – but then isn’t that what you’d expect from L’OCCITANE? Just like our existing lipsticks,  they’re  all free of silicones and animal-derived ingredients (except bee products) and infused with sun-drenched fruits.

Plus, they deliver skincare benefits!

Each lipstick is enriched with Vitamin E, as well as extracts of fruits and vegetables from Provence and the Mediterranean. Offering up to 8-hour staying power, they glide on effortlessly, leaving a semi-matte finish. The creamy, hydrating formulas moisturize your lips and leave them feeling comfortable all day. And then there’s the scent… Fresh and fruity, it evokes lush, juicy fruits that make your taste buds tingle!


We’re also bringing out three Delicious Lip Oils, a melon Lip Scrub and a melon Face & Eye Mask! Just like our lipsticks, they’re all free of silicones and animal-derived ingredients – except for bee products. Now there are even more reasons for you to have fun with make-up  and masks, and let your colors shine through.

Are you ready to Reveal your Colors?

The Shade Hunters

For this original project, we chose to work with four influencers from different parts of the world. Passionate about color – whether they find it in clothes, accessories, make-up, food, cities, etc. – these women are natural beauties who share their photos, thoughts and ideas with their followers and communities.

They radiate positivity, confidence, well-being and joie de vivre, and they’re not just beautiful, they’re also entrepre- neurial and involved in various projects close to their hearts, so they really connect with the values of L’OCCITANE. We invited them to come to Provence and learn all about our existing range of make-up, lip products and masks. We took them to visit the village of Roussillon – one of the most beautiful villages of France, known as the Colorado of Provence and famed for its omnipresent ochre hues. And we asked them to draw inspiration from what they saw so that together, we could create four limited- edition lipstick shades and some very original lipstick boxes that would capture their personality – and the personality of Provence.


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