Mavic Air 2: How Powerful Is DJI’s New Camera Drone?

Mavic Air 2: How Powerful Is DJI’s New Camera Drone?

DUBAI, UAE – July 02, 2020 – Mavic Air 2 is here! DJI’s new drone takes power and performance to the next level with exciting features never seen before on any of its drones. Take a look at Mavic Air 2’s camera features and discover just how powerful this new camera drone is.


48MP Photo

At the core of the Mavic Air 2 drone is the new 48MP photo mode that offers plenty of detail when you in to zoom into an image.  You can even shoot with a 12MP output, which uses pixel binning technology to give your more impressive details.

HDR Photo

Mavic Air 2 takes aerial performance to a new level with a new 1/2-inch sensor that is supported by Quad Bayer technology. The advanced image sensor can identify different exposure levels in a single frame. The images from the new Mavic Air 2 camera are then layered to create a stunning HDR optimized image with an impressive level of detail.

In addition to higher levels of detail, Mavic Air 2 images have more vivid colors, which really bring out the features in your photography.


Every one of us dreams of capturing breathtaking shots that require minimal set up time. SmartPhoto is an entirely new feature for Mavic Air 2 that combines HDR imaging, scene regonition, and Hyperlight into one intelligent algorithm that produces sharp images with minimal effort. Whether you are filming a forest, the sky, or anything in between, scene recognition optimizes the color, detail, and tone of your shot. Hyperlight is an intelligent low-light mode that combines multiple shots to produce a final image with optimized exposure and reduced levels of noise. SmartPhoto adopts an approach similar to a modern smartphone, giving you impressive images with next to no effort.

HDR Panorama

Mavic Air 2 also supports DJI’s most powerful panorama mode on a drone, which creates breathtaking ultra-wide HDR images in just a few taps. Whether you have scaled a mountain or discovered a once-in-a-lifetime shot, have a go at using HDR Panorama to capture your best memories with style!

HDR Video

Not only does Mavic Air 2 deliver exceptional aerial photos, it also produces stunning HDR video that features rich color, tone, and details. Gone are the days where you couldn’t shoot the sun in a landscape shot because of overexposure.

8K Hyperlapse

We’ve all seen epic videos on social media that speed up time and movement around a unique environment. But did you know how easy it is now to create this type of shot yourself? 8K Hyperlapse is a new Mavic Air 2 feature that supports Free, Circle, Course Lock, and Waypoint modes. Simply select the Hyperlapse mode, identify your shooting location, and the DJI Fly app will complete the rest. The entire shot is created by the drone, so you don’t need to waste any time with complex post processing. It’s as easy as tapping a few buttons, and you can get some amazing footage for your videos.



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