New Season Sensations at London Dairy Café

New Season Sensations at London Dairy Café

Ever wondered what rainbows taste like? London Dairy Café  is giving gourmands the chance to experience the full spectrum of colours with their new Rainbow Bagels.

An intricate weave of brightly-hued shades plaited together and smeared with indulgent heaps of peanut butter, Nutella or vanilla ice cream topped with colourful sprinkles, the unicorn of bagels (Dhs 22) is warm, crunchy, subtly sweet and a treat for the eyes.  It’s the perfect accessory for those summer snapshots, complimented by the cafe’s stylish interiors and contemporary design.

London Dairy Café  has also introduced this season’s most delectable dessert made with reigning fruit of the season, the Mango Milk Cake (Dhs 35).  The new addition will be joining a line of already popular signature milk cakes like rose, pistachio, vanilla and saffron. A hug for the tastebuds, this moist and fluffy  dessert is a great way to beat the summer blues.


Summer isn’t just all about the sweet.  London Dairy Café combines other essentials, like savoury and seaside, with the new Spaghetti with Smoked Salmon (Dhs 51) and Smoked Salmon Bagel (Dhs 61), because lox and cream is always a good idea. There are also freshly-baked bagels available (Dhs 16) to pair with cups of their infamous ethically traded specialty coffees.


Diners can also enjoy all-day breakfasts, salads, burgers, sandwiches and mains that transition from Rib-Eye Steaks to Vegan Thai Curry Bowls.

Devour the latest treats at any of over 10 locations spread across  Dubai and Sharjah or order online through Deliveroo and enjoy the same fresh new flavours from the comfort of home.



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