Michelin will remain supplier of Formula E until 2022

Michelin will remain supplier of Formula E until 2022

 Founding partner of the FIA Formula E Championship since its first season in 2014/2015, Michelin is proud to have actively participated in the success of this new discipline for 100% electric single-seaters.  Michelin will remain the exclusive supplier of tires to Formula E until the end of the 2021/2022 season.  In line with the decision of the FIA, a new supplier will take over after this period.

Major technological innovations since 2014

During the first six seasons, Michelin used Formula E as a formidable innovation laboratory, developing three generations of the MICHELIN Pilot Sport tire for this discipline.  Recognized for its longevity and versatility, the MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV tire has shown itself to be revolutionary not only for its performance qualities but also for the significant reduction in the number of tires necessary for the smooth running of races.  At the start of the 2016/2017 season the improved MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV2 was introduced, and in this advanced version, the tire offered a significant improvement in its energy efficiency. The third, and current generation of the MICHELIN Pilot Sport for Formula E saves more than 9kg of raw materials per set of tires compared to the original model and Michelin has supplied all teams for the past two seasons with this lightweight tire. And all this has been possible while keeping grip performance, duration of use and energy efficiency intact – many of the technological advances that Michelin is already incorporating into its production road tires.

In fact, the use for the first time in competition of 18-inch diameter tires, closer to that of production tires, has facilitated the technological transfer of the innovations to Michelin tires for the road.  An example soon followed by other series, such as Formula 1.

For Michelin, sporting competition and sustainable mobility are inseparable

Michelin pursues its strategic vision of “all sustainable” through motorsport competition.  As such, the Group is developing numerous innovations in the framework of other ambitious programs geared towards the mobility of the future, such as “MissionH24”, a project aiming to introduce hydrogen in Endurance Racing, and MotoE, a 100% electric motorcycle championship organized as part of MotoGP.

Michelin is proud to have been a pioneer as a founding partner of the FIA   Formula E Championship,” said Matthieu Bonardel, director of Michelin Motorsport. “We have contributed greatly to the success of the discipline, which today relies on the commitment of ten car manufacturers.  We will remain fully committed to Formula E until 2022. While at the same time, Michelin will continue to develop its other partnerships to demonstrate that sporting competition and sustainable mobility are inseparable.”


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