IACAD reopens Dubai mosques to worshipers

IACAD reopens Dubai mosques to worshipers

The Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department in Dubai (IACAD) is reopening Dubai mosques, thanks Allah Almighty for that. IACAD send it sincere appreciation to our leadership, to the United Arab Emirates people, and to the Arab and Islamic nation on this occasion in general and in Dubai in particular.

The reopening of the mosques came in compliance with the leadership’s orders after the suspension of the prayer in the mosques, based on the world epidemic and its repercussions in order to preserve the safety of all residents. The reopening will start on Wednesday, first of July, gradually with a capacity of no more than 30% for each mosque, while the suspension of Friday prayers in mosques will continue until further notice.

“Adhering to the authorities’ instructions to contain the epidemic requires everyone keenness. The reopening came after a set of controls and procedures to be followed by mosque worshipers. The priority is to keep health and public safety.” His Excellency Dr. Hamad Al Sheikh Ahmad Al-Shaibani said.

For his part, Mohammed Ali bin Zayed Al Falasi, Executive Director of the Mosques Affairs Sector, stated that the maintenance, cleaning and sterilization of all Dubai mosques plan has been completed. This was in line with the national sterilization program in Dubai in cooperation with Dubai Municipality, Dubai Police and the Dubai Health Authority. The plan targeted mosques façades, carpets, entrances and stairs, shelves and books.

Al Falasi indicated that all mosques are having indicative panels to the worshipers to take precautionary measures, which are matching the decisions issued by the relevance authorities to contain the epidemic.

“The reopening of the mosques to worshipers in Dubai came according to official procedures and controls after months of closure within a plan consisting of 8 instructions for worshipers to adhere and 9 general controls to establish prayers in mosques.” Mohammed Ali bin Zayed Al Falasi said, stressing that imams, muezzins and mosques workers undergo precautionary Covid-19 tests.

The optimism and positivity began to prevail in the society after the announcement of reopening the mosques, where citizens and residents interacted through social media platforms regarding the decision and celebrate this occasion to redo the religious rituals.

External road praying rooms, industrial areas, labor cities, shopping malls and parks will remain closed until further notice.

Precautionary guidelines for worshipers in Dubai mosques

The Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department in Dubai identified 8 precautionary measures and 9 general controls for prayers in the mosques, where the list of precautionary measures for worshipers included: The worshippers should leave an empty row gap between every two rows. It is mandatory for all worshippers to wear gloves and masks and dispose it in the trash bins. All worshippers must bring their own prayer mat to the Masjid and do not leave it behind. Handshakes are not allowed. Leaving 1.5m gap between every two person and do not touch the Quran.

The guidelines also indicated that worshipers should not hold second congregation or praying separately after the completion of obligatory/Fard prayer behind Imam and everyone is obliged to leave the mosque after the completion of the obligatory prayer. Those who are suffering from chronic diseases or have weak immunity should not come to masjid for prayers. The regulation advised the aged people above 60 years and children below 12 years not to come to the Masjid for prayers, for their own safety.

The list of general controls for prayer in mosques included: The masjid shall remain open only from the time of azan until the end of obligatory prayer in congregation. The obligatory prayer shall be performed immediately after azan. The Masjid will be closed soon after each congregational prayer. It is not allowed for the worshipers to distribute facemasks and gloves at the entrance of the mosque.

The control list pointed that all sorts of distribution, be it food or anything else, is strictly prohibited. The masjid’s doors will be open from the beginning of the azan until the end of prayer. Ladies prayer halls shall remain closed until further notice. Bathrooms and ablution areas shall remain closed until further notice. IACAD will ensure that the worshipers are adhering to the precautions guidelines.

IACAD prays to Allah Almighty to protect the country and the people to lift this global pandemic off the entire world and us.


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