Nadim Zidan Welcomes The Egyptian Tourism Board’s Decision For Summer 2020

Nadim Zidan Welcomes The Egyptian Tourism Board’s Decision For Summer 2020

The Syrian business man who Is located in Dubai, the founder and CEO of Hollywood Stars group, had welcomed the recent decision of the Egyptian tourism board related to opening the flights for tourists starting first weeks of July

The new decisions included as well, allowing tourists from around the world to visit Egypt with no visa until the end of the summer season

Zidan expressed his appreciation to such decision that “helps gaining trust in the travel and tourism market and gives a motivational push to travellers who’ve been under a long lockdown and been waiting the chance to get out and take a break from everything they’ve been through”

He added “I will surely try my best to be among the first groups that travels from Dubai to Cairo and help promoting the reopening of the tourism season and activities in this beautiful country that is considered one of the richest in the world when it comes to its historical sites and great nature”

Reporters said that such trips of the Syrian businessman between Dubai, Egypt and Switzerland can be a solid indication of the desire to restart the medical and leisure tourism after being closed for almost half a year due to the recent global pandemic.

“it is true that hospitality, airlines, and travel industry in general took the biggest hit during the global lockdown, but we trust that such sectors will be the fastest to recover, once the world announces easing the procedures, and reopening the tourism for public again, not forgetting to apply max precautions and safety measures” according to Zidan who also considered that investing the in the travel and tourism sector will always be a priority of his business strategies and showed an optimistic vision that it will be the fastest sector to recover during this year.

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