Joyalukkas’ Chartered flight with their employees arrived  at Cochin

Joyalukkas’ Chartered flight with their employees arrived  at Cochin

Chartered flight from Sharjah to Kochi arranged by Joyalukkas group to send employees and their families stranded amid COVID- 19 at Gulf region, landed at the Cochin International Airport.

After the long wait of lockdown, Joyalukkas set off a chartered flight for the employees to return home. The permission to operate a chartered flight was granted on 27th May 2020 with timely cooperation of the Indian Consulate in Dubai. The Air Arabia flight, arranged by the Joyalukkas group for employees who were stranded amid the corona virus outbreak departed from Sharjah at 10.20 pm on 15th June 2020, with 143 adults, 25 children and 6 infants, arrived at Kochi International Airport at 4.15 am.

Hundreds of expatriates want to return to their homeland during this pandemic where all of us are fighting together against the COVID- 19. Joyalukkas set a special airline for its employees and family members to return to their homeland.

The Joyalukkas group made all the necessary arrangements to ensure the safe travelling of their employees. To ensure the safety all passengers underwent a Rapid Test and were given a Personal Protection Kit. The results of the Rapid Test for all passengers were favourable so that they were able to depart on time.

Joyalukkas adhered to all safety standards and have been extremely responsible during the entire procedure. Chairman & MD of the group, Mr. Joy Alukkas, had this to say on the repatriation flights: “When our employees joined our service, we promised them that we will take care of them, always. And now is the time to show them that we are right by their side during this pandemic.”


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