Badiri’s Knowledge Exchange hub trains youth to excel

Badiri’s Knowledge Exchange hub trains youth to excel in the changing world of work and business

Online workshops, virtual panel discussions and webinars will be held throughout June and July to upskill entrepreneurs, professionals, aspiring businesspersons as well as students


Sharjah, June 17, 2020:‘Badiri Knowledge Exchange’, a virtual hub for collaborative learning launched in April by Badiri Education and Development Academy, the education and capacity building arm of Nama Women Advancement Establishment (NAMA), has planned a number of online workshops, virtual panel discussions and webinars in June and July, targeting entrepreneurs, businesspersons, fresh graduates as well as university students who are interested in upgrading their skills for the future in a world where traditional skillsets alone will not suffice. The events are open to both women and men.

Badiri’s latest initiative follows up on the pioneering steps taken by the UAE to invest in its young generation with the skills and knowledge required to face the rapid changes and challenges expected in the future and achieve the core goals of its Vision 2021.

The hub’s June activities kicked off with an online workshop ‘Maharat min Google’ on June 8 at which  entrepreneurs, fresh graduates and students learnt a range of digital skills, from how to build a website and boost their social media presence to how to market a business, to prepare them for future job opportunities or launch their own business enterprises.

Life after Covid-19: Future jobs and skills’

A virtual panel discussion to be held on June 17, titled ‘Life after Covid-19: Future jobs and skills’, will provide an overview of the jobs that are likely to be in demand post-Covid-19 and the skillsets required to qualify for them. The session will be kickstarted by Dr. Mona Al Ali, Manager, Badiri Education and Development Academy Manager, and convene industry leaders from the education, medical, youth and economic sectors who will weigh in with their knowledge and expertise at this discussion that is recommended for early career professionals and fresh graduates as well as university students.  They include HE Noura Al Noman, Director of Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher Executive Office, Member of the Board of Trustees at Rubu’ Qarn; HE Sultan Abdullah Bin Hadda Al Suwaidi, Chairman of Sharjah Economic Development Department; Dr. Adil Sajwani, Family Medicine Specialist at Ministry of Health and Prevention; and Dr. Shireen N. Chaya, Assistant Professor of Management at American University in the Emirates.  The session will be moderated by Mr. Muhammad Almadhi, Programs Manager at Sharjah Capability Development – Tatweer.

Emotional Intelligence’

At an online workshop to be held on June 24 and 25, experts will elaborate on how to lead with emotional intelligence during periods of crisis and pandemics such as Covid-19, which is proving to be the greatest test of emotional intelligence in a generation. Targeting fresh graduates and early career professionals, the online workshop will teach them how to interact effectively with others, increase self-awareness and boost their emotional intelligence. They will also learn to use their social and emotional competencies to effectively manage their teams by obtaining their trust and support and deal with a work environment characterised by continuous change.

‘Turning crisis into an opportunity’

The last activity of the month will be a webinar on ‘Turning crisis into an opportunity’, to be held on June 29. Aimed at fresh graduates and early career professionals, the session will teach them how to emulate the mindset of successful entrepreneurs who turn times of difficulty into advantage, seize the moment and emerge stronger and more successful.

July sessions

Badiri Knowledge Exchange has planned five virtual sessions for the month of July, beginning with a virtual panel discussion titled ‘Industry and supply chain for thriving entrepreneurs’ on July 8. New as well as aspiring entrepreneurs will learn about supply chain management; its role in controlling expenses and boosting sales; how to position their business in the supply chain; and how to succeed in saturated markets. The panel will include an introduction to venturing into technology and innovation.

On July 15, a virtual discussion panel on ‘The future industries of Sharjah’ will enlighten entrepreneurs, aspiring businesspersons as well as business students on the future prospects in the emirate; the future industries to focus on; the reason why many businesses fail; how to manage crisis situations; and how to maintain competitiveness in a changing environment.

A two-day workshop on ‘Financial literacy and sustainability’ to be streamed starting July 21, aims to impart the basics of managing finances and investment and tips on how to save money to start a business.

Later in the month, webinars on ‘AI applications and entrepreneurship’ and ‘Understanding blockchain tech and its impact’ will be held on July 27 and 28, respectively.


How to register


For more information about the webinars, online workshops and virtual panel discussions, please visit Badiri’s social media platforms (@Badiriacademy).


To enrol in an upcoming session, visit Badiri’s Instagram account and click on the link:



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