Sharjah Business Women Council’s fifth online training session….

UAE businesswomen working remotely will learn to optimise
digital productivity tools at SBWC workshop


Sharjah Business Women Council’s fifth online training session to show its  members how to perform better in the digital marketplace

Sharjah, June 15, 2020:
To help UAE’s businesswomen grow during this period of far-reaching changes to work and life caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, Sharjah Business Women Council (SBWC), an affiliate of NAMA Women Advancement Establishment (NAMA), will organise a virtual workshop titled ‘Digital Productivity Tools’ for its members on June 23, 2020.

The session, to be held in collaboration with the leading educator for the digital ecosystem, AstroLabs, underscores SBWC’s commitment to ensuring the continued success and development of its 2,000+ members, and in particular, optimise their productivity in their remote working environments.

AstroLabs’ Director of Programs, Sarah Bacon; and Rishabh Goyal, Special Projects Lead, AstroLabs, will lead the session, analyzing participants’ current productivity practices and outcomes; shine light on ways they can optimise space, time, and technology to aid their business; offer key tips on improving discipline and forming empowering habits while working from home or remotely; and give guidance on customising information and communication practices for the digital marketplace.

Award-winning entrepreneur and business builder with in-depth start-up experience, Sarah Bacon has led billion-dollar developments. Previously with PwC, Goyal manages incubators, accelerators and corporate innovation programmes.

This will be the entity’s fifth workshop to be delivered as part of the #SBWCOnlineworkshops series, and the second one in June.

Businesswomen take key tips on how to leverage their sales in the eCommerce marketplace

Earlier, on June 11, SBWC had organised a workshop titled ‘Sell Remotely Like a Pro’ for its members.

Held in collaboration with AstroLabs, and led by business pitching specialist and communication coach, Rabih Elkhodr, the session gave SBWC members an overview of proven sales techniques needed to succeed in an online environment, and teach how interpersonal communication can be enhanced for the digital sphere.

The wide-ranging workshop also imparted leadership skills and strategies for succeeding in a VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) world; identify purchasing obstacles; focus on the nine steps needed for a successful online sales call; and impart tips on how to be more personable and relatable via digital communication.

Elkhodr has trained more than 5,000 entrepreneurs, corporate employees and directors across multiple industries in 8 countries and 3 languages throughout the MENA region and North America. He has also coached 25+ TEDx speakers and is the author of the book Public Speaking X: Tips to Unleash the TED Speaker in You.

Since its inception in 2002, SBWC has dedicated its efforts to assist businesswomen to establish themselves in Sharjah, helped them forge key partnerships with government and private organisations in the UAE and abroad, and offered them exposure at various local and international events in commercial and entrepreneurial fields.

To know more, please contact SBWC via email: or on 055-1237292.


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