Right Health honours its frontline heroes recovered from Covid-19

Right Health honours its frontline heroes recovered from Covid-19

 DUBAI – June 10, 2020: Right Health, the UAE’s largest and fastest-growing value healthcare organization backed by Foundation Holdings, honoured its Covid-19 warriors who were tested positive while working frontline and recovered from the disease. The chain of clinics had 25 of its healthcare workers tested positive while working for the UAE’s largest Covid screening campaign covering the labour communities.

About 15 Covid-19 recovered employees including one doctor, four nurses and ten staff members from the front desk and other departments were honoured at a ceremony held at the organisation’s headquarters in Dubai. The campaign ran round the clock, seven days a week for more than two months even during the lockdown restrictions period without a break.


Right Health is provider of quality, affordable and accessible primary healthcare, covering the UAE’s value care and value care plus segments.


Commenting on this initiative, Mr. Jayan K, Chief Executive Officer of Right Health, said, “We are proud to honour our Covid-19 warriors, who put their life at risk during the campaign that covered the entire labour communities in Dubai’s different locations. Despite the inherent health risk involved, our frontline people did their job at its best, but subjected to the virus infection and fully recovered later after treatment in quarantine. We salute their significant role to make the initiative successful and safeguard the health of Dubai’s blue-collar workers.”


“This campaign supported the UAE government’s effort to prevent the outspread of Coronavirus pandemic among the community of more than half a million unskilled workers living in major industrial districts across the emirate of Dubai. The labour accommodations were considered to be the place where the virus could spread rapidly than any other places. The campaign offered screening tests and identifying the suspected cases to help the community to come out of it,” he added.


Mr. Sumeet Ambegaokar, Head of Covid-19 Screening Project at Right Health, said, “We conducted maximum screenings by reaching out to their accommodations with our medical team for screening. The campaign focused on the early identification of infection, isolation and contact tracing to flatten the curve and reduce the rate of infection. This initiative helped them ensure their safety, get educated and protected well as the spreading of the virus. The campaign supported the nation’s strategy to contain the pandemic at a greater level.”


“The Right Health frontline staff also counselled the workers on the actual symptoms and created awareness with tips and recommendations to stay safe, hygienic and practice social distancing in their accommodations and working sites. The primary screening focused on COVID related symptoms for labourers. In confirmed cases, the persons were taken for immediate curative treatments at the facilities dedicated by the government,” he/ added.


Right Health’s senior leadership team including Head Operations, Chief Marketing Officer, Directors of Finance, HR and RCM; in addition to the corporate office staff members were present during the ceremony.




About Right Health


Right Health, backed by Foundation Holdings, is the largest value healthcare organization in the UAE, and the pioneer of a movement to provide quality and affordable healthcare to the working-class population. In line with the goal of the National Agenda of the UAE Vision 2021 to establish a world-class healthcare system accessible to all, the organization pursues four core objectives – prevention, efficiency, effectiveness and innovation.


Right Health believes that all lives have equal value, and all people without distinction deserve equal care, compassion and commitment. Its experienced team of specialists and strategic partners boasts a solid track record and a long-term vision to create a platform that facilitates change and impact. Committed to transforming value-based healthcare, the organization is set to touch 1.6 million lives by 2022.

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