The best breathable sleeping bag for your baby at Eco Souk

The best breathable sleeping bag for your baby at Eco Souk

 ** Lightweight and comfortable lightweight sleeping bags prevent overheating

*100% organic cotton, easy night-time changing, three sizes, multiple designs with organic cotton to absorb the heat from the body **

The comfort of a child, especially during hot weather, is on top of every mother’s mind. For a baby or a toddler, and even a mother, a good night’s sleep is paramount. However, getting conditions just right for the little ones to slumber comfortably can be a daunting task for mothers. And since babies cannot regulate their body temperatures, it’s a mother’s job to ensure that she provides the optimum sleeping conditions for her little one.


While a regular quilt or blanket would suffice in the initials days when babies enjoy being swaddled, paediatricians advise against using quilts, blankets or any other loose covering over babies who show signs of rolling. The more recommended option is a sleeping bag for many reasons.


According to Dr. Muhammad Hudyfa, Paediatrics Specialist at Medcare Hospital in Sharjah, babies should sleep on a firm sleep surface in a bassinet, cradle or crib. He emphasizes that it is important to dress the infant to keep him/her warm and cosy for room temperature, and that it is also important to ensure that the infant doesn’t get too hot or too cold for safe sleep.


One way to avoid the risk of suffocation and overheating is by using a sleeping bag that’s built to prevent them. And because of its special shape and TOG (which is a unit of measurement that’s used to determine how warm a piece of clothing or blanket is), sleep bags are a safer alternative to traditional sheets and blankets and the ideal next step for when your baby starts wriggling out of their swaddles and moving more in their sleep.


Malabar Baby lightweight sleeping bags are available at Eco Souk. Designed especially for hotter climates, they are a must-have for the little ones in this region! Handmade and ethically designed, these delightful handmade wearable blankets are the safer alternative in keeping babies and toddler snug and secure.


Malabar Lightweight sleeping bags are made of organic GOTS certified cotton — chemical free, soft, and long lasting. The sleeping bags have both a shoulder popper and reversible YKK zipper, which makes night-time nappy changes a breeze.


Available in different prints and in three sizes — small, medium and large for children between 0 and 36 months — the Malabar Lightweight sleeping bags (starts from AED 185) can be purchased online at with free UAE shipping!


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