AI-Powered Smart Washing Introduced by LG Ensures Quicker, More Efficient and Convenient Laundry Experience

DUBAI, 2 June, 2020 – Laundry can be a tedious chore, with different wash cycles and settings to choose from. Incorporating innovative technology into daily tasks, LG Electronics (LG) is leveraging Artificial Intelligence washer technology to optimize cleaning, delivering a new level of consumer convenience with greater speed and energy efficiency, while remaining gentle on fabrics.

LG’s proprietary AI Direct Drive (AI DD) technology is the culmination of over 20 years of research and development studies conducted by the company. The LG ThinQ washing machine with AI DD technology allows consumers to benefit from groundbreaking performance and reliability, with the added benefit of an 18 percent reduction in damage to the clothes, prolonging the life of every wardrobe.

The technology employs powerful AI algorithms and advanced sensors that can not only detect the volume and weight of each individual laundry load, but also identify fabric types and softness.

The washing machine then applies deep learning to compare this information with more than 20,000 data points to automatically program the optimal wash cycle for the best cleaning performance while protecting clothes. The smart washer can even detect if there is a mixed load of t-shirts and pants for instance, upon which it will program the wash cycle to use customized motions, temperatures, and times to deliver the most optimal wash possible.

LG’s AI technology has been developed to bring greater convenience in homeowners’ hands through integrated solutions that can intuitively respond to their needs. By connecting home appliances with AI, much of the guesswork is taken out of household chores. This advanced technology is laying the foundations for a truly connected home where appliances can seamlessly respond to the needs of users.

AI DD technology also compliments LG’s other industry leading washer features, such as TWINWash. This system features a main front-load washer in combination with a smaller washer known as the TWINWash Mini underneath it. It enables users to place bulky items such as sheets and towels into the main washer and smaller, more delicate clothes in the lower compartment. This allows for simultaneous washing of different types of clothes at the same time, each with customizable cleaning cycles and settings.

LG’s washing machines which feature Steam+ technology can eliminate up to 99.9 per cent of allergens, such as dust mites which are known to cause allergies and respiratory issues. Steam+ Technology can deep clean baby clothes by pre-treating them with steam before washing the items.

Additionally, LG’s washing machines feature TurboWash™ 360° which uses a 3D Multi Spray to shoot jets of water in four different directions simultaneously for more stain-fighting coverage. This capability significantly reduces washing times, requiring only 39 minutes to complete a full wash cycle.

LG’s advanced, connected household appliances deliver a whole new level of smart performance, efficiency and ease-of-use to consumers, empowering them to spend more time to do the things they enjoy most.

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