Al Ansari Exchange Renews Campaign Against Fraudsters By Raising Awareness of Covid-Related Fraud

Al Ansari Exchange Renews Campaign Against Fraudsters By Raising Awareness of Covid-Related Fraud

UAE – 21 May, 2020: Al Ansari Exchange, the UAE-based foreign exchange and worldwide money transfer company, has renewed its commitment against fraudsters in light of a new emerging trend that targets vulnerable groups in relation to coronavirus. The new campaign, called #FightFraud, includes the company sharing educational posts across its social media channels, Mobile App and on all customer receipts. This builds on previous anti-fraud activities by the company including SMS awareness messages and printed leaflets inside branches.

Mohammad Bitar, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Al Ansari Exchange, said: “The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has created difficult circumstances for many people and it is important not to get tempted by fake grand prizes. We urge the community members to be vigilant and never share their personal details with unknown people, never send money to unverified sources, never click on suspicious links and always verify the credentials of those contacting them. More importantly, the public should report these incidents to the relevant authorities to help them crack down on these suspicious activities.”


The company underlined that it does not ask the winners of its promotions and campaigns to disclose any personal data or bank account details over the phone nor asks them to pay any fees to receive their prizes. Individuals that are contacted about prizes they won should either visit the nearest Al Ansari Exchange branch or call the customer service line at 600546000 to verify the information.

In line with this, the company has urged members of the local community to report suspicious messages and phone calls that they might receive to the respective authorities, by contacting Dubai Police’s toll-free number 901 or via its online platform “e-crime” or through Abu Dhabi Police’s “Aman” service hotline on 8002626, or on



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