DED coordinates between NRTC Fresh and InstaShop to deliver fresh fruits & vegetables daily

DED coordinates between NRTC Fresh and InstaShop to deliver fresh fruits & vegetables daily

  • To meet the high demand for food and consumables through online stores, and the basic needs of the community at all times
  • The e-commerce platform provides yet another convenient option to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables


The Department of Economic Development (DED), Dubai, has announced the coordination of an alliance between NRTC Fresh and InstaShop, grocery delivery App in the MENA region, to enable consumers to enjoy same-day delivery of fresh products from the convenience of their home.


The initiative comes in response to the growing demand for food and consumables ordered online as well as to meet the growing demand for the convenient purchase of fresh fruits and vegetables.


As part of the agreement, customers can buy a large selection of high-quality fresh vegetables and fruits from NRC Fresh on the InstaShop platform from 12 noon until 12 midnight. Prepayment will be available online via the application to ensure the safety of customers and delivery agents.


“We are delighted to coordinate the partnership of NRC Fresh and InstaShop, which supports the need to stay at home and maintain social distancing as citizens and residents increasingly use smart applications to order their daily requirements of fresh fruits and vegetables. The use of online platforms support the precautionary measures in the fight against COVID-19,” said Omar AlMeheiri, Director of Follow-up and Development in the Business Registration & Licensing sector in DED.


AlMeheiri added: “The agreement will lead to faster delivery of goods and essential commodities to the homes of UAE residents, allowing them to comply with the government instructions to stay at home and stay safe.”


Mohammad Nassar, CEO of the NRTC Group, said: “When it comes to online deliveries, the demand for convenience is growing rapidly in the region. Our collaboration with InstaShop will enable us to make use of more delivery drivers to supply more households with fresh produce. With the full support of the DED, we are looking forward to providing as much access to fresh produce across the UAE.”


“We are excited to work with NRTC Fresh. This partnership will give our customers the opportunity to shop high quality fresh fruits and vegetables directly from a local supplier on InstaShop. Given that we partner only with the best, we are thrilled to include NRTC Fresh on our platforms and make sure that every household in Dubai has access to a reliable, convenient fresh produce delivery service,” said John Tsioris, founder and CEO of InstaShop.


NRTC Fresh will continue operations as normal as customers can still enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables at the comfort of their home by placing their orders through the NRTC Fresh website, the App available on the App Store and Google Play.


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