Five things to do with AED 50 million

Five things to do with AED 50 million

This weekend sees a triple rollover that takes the jackpot prize to a whopping AED 50 million!

7 May 2020, Dubai: Emirates Loto, the region’s first, fatwa-approved, fully digital collectable scheme with optional free entry to a weekly draw has yet to be won which means it has rolled up to an incredible AED 50million where it will stay until it is claimed by a lucky winner or winners who match six numbers out of six, on the weekly Saturday live draws.

Mohammed Khaled, was the first lucky winner of AED 350,000 and the following week saw two Dubai residents from the Philippines and India split the AED 1 million cash prize. Last week’s three big winners of AED 1 million, who matched five out of six of the draw results each won AED 333,333.

The real question is, how would you spend the top Emirates Loto prize of AED 50 million? An exciting conversation that everyone can join in on, Emirates Loto gives us five great ways to make the most out of AED 50 million:

Acquire assets which will retain or increase in value.

By spending winnings on assets that are likely to build equity or at the very least retain their value over time, this allows jackpot winners to preserve their wealth.  Assets such as these, generally, include real estate or collectibles like fine art.

A common mistake made by prize winners is to spend without thought given to long-term investment, on items or goods that will depreciate in value over time, such as a car or expensive gadgets. As technology is such a fast-moving innovative sector, what is up to date today will be out of date  in one year’s time,  therefore, the chances of such an item holding its value are extremely low.

Invest in finances

Jackpot winners should consider hiring a professional and suitably qualified financial manager to ensure their new wealth is maintained and will continue to support their chosen lifestyle for years to come.

By setting some money aside for investment, financial advisors can give valuable advice and insight on where to invest in order to capitalise on steady market trends. Investing in solid long term investments can be a simple way of storing it for later use while acquiring some additional value.

Pay off debts

By using winnings to pay off old debts thus eliminating further interest accruing on them can be a liberating feeling because by becoming debt free, real financial freedom can be achieved and the jackpot amount can be properly enjoyed.

Take a trip of a lifetime

For those who have been working tirelessly for years without holidays and time to relax, winning the Emirates Loto jackpot could mean that travelling and experiencing new destinations will be within reach. Some say travel is the best education, and incredible destinations are waiting to be explored with lucky loved ones.

Donate a large share to charity.

With the number of charities in the UAE helping fantastic causes, donating to a worthwhile cause that can help those who need it most would be an admirable way to spend the Emirates Loto jackpot.

The next draw will take place at 10:00PM this Saturday, 9 May. For more information on our collectables, prize winners, terms and conditions, eligibility and to Collect, Play and have the opportunity to Win in the next Emirates Loto draw, please visit


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