First Baby born to COVID-19 Positive Mother at Al Zahra Hospital Dubai  

First Baby born to COVID-19 Positive Mother at Al Zahra Hospital Dubai


  • 25 Year-old COVID-19 positive woman, gives birth to baby boy at AZHD (Al Zahra Hospital Dubai)

Dubai, United Arab Emirates May 7th 2020 – Al Zahra Hospital Dubai announces the birth of their first baby born to a COVID 19 positive mother. Both the mother and baby are in stable condition.


The 3.18 kilogram baby boy was born to 25 year old Indian mother on the 5th of May 2020. The mother was admitted in Al Zahra Hospital Dubai on the 2nd of May 2020, with a positive COVID – 19 diagnosis and 37 weeks pregnant. The expected date of delivery was May 19th but after only 3 days in the hospital, the baby arrived safely.


The contractions started very suddenly, and it all happened very quickly. The delivery took about 10 to 15 minutes which is something we do not see very often. There were no complications and both the mother and baby are in good condition” – Ms. Maysoon Yousef, Director of Nursing.

When we first received the Covid-19 positive diagnosis, we were afraid for the health of both my wife and the baby. But thankfully with the help of the doctors and nurses at Al Zahra Hospital Dubai, my son was born with no complications and my wife remains in stable condition. We couldn’t be more grateful.” – Mr. N.K, father of the baby.


The mother is expected to be discharged after the 3rd negative test result for Covid-19. The baby has also been tested for the virus and are now awaiting the results.


We operate by the latest COVID 19 international and local guidelines when it comes to the management of our maternity patients and otherwise, to ensure their absolute safety and that of our other patients. We take strict measures to guarantee that there is no risk of cross contamination and that all our patients are in safe hands” – Dr. Ghassan Lutfi, Head of Obstetrics & Gynecology at Al Zahra Hospital Dubai

Boiler Plate – Al Zahra Hospital Dubai

Al Zahra Hospital Dubai – is a leading healthcare provider in the UAE and a milestone in the country’s healthcare sector, with the brand braking ground in 1975, as the first private healthcare provider. The hospital is located in Dubai, on Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Barsha, catering to local and international patients through over 250 Doctors and more than 40 medical specialties. Accredited by the Joint Commission International, the hospital holds various distinguished credentials, with centers of excellence in Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, Minimally Invasive Gynecological Surgery, Heart Attack Center and more.

Dedicated to delivering world class healthcare, the hospital is a leader in implementing technological advancements and medical practices, housing the region’s first advanced 3Teasla MRI & the first private Hyperbaric Oxygenation Chamber. In 2016, Al Zahra Hospital Dubai was the first hospital to introduce water birthing to Dubai.

In 2020, the hospital received two JCI accreditations for the Breast Cancer and Heart Attack centers.

Some of the most sought-after services at Al Zahra Hospital Dubai include- Cardiology, Oncology, Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, Spine Surgery, Joint Replacement, Interventional Medicine, Maternity, Pediatrics, General Surgery, Internal Medicine & more.


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