ASICS launches the Ramadan 5K Challenge, encouraging participants to stay fit while at home

ASICS: Untied Yet United

**ASICS launches the Ramadan 5K Challenge, encouraging participants to stay fit while at home**


The running season might have come to a halt with the current circumstances, but ASICS wants to ensure that we are keeping healthy and fit at home with the launch of several new initiatives under the #UntiedYetUnited campaign.

Founded in 1949, ASICS is derived from an acronym of the Latin expression ‘Anima Sana in Corpore Sano’, meaning Sound Mind in a Sound Body. Today, this philosophy is more important than ever. 

ASICS are passionate about helping you to keep your body and mind sound whilst in quarantine and have rolled out new initiatives to help you maintain your overall fitness and mental health:


Ramadan 5K Challenge

As it is hard to find the motivation to work out at home considering all the circumstances that surround us, especially now that Ramadan is upon us, ASICS has launched the Ramadan 5K Challenge to enable everyone to work out efficiently, without having to leave the comfort of home. 

In this challenge, participants will gain exclusive access to a FREE three-week training plan and eleven session, that will be taught by ASICS expert coaches via live ZOOM video calls. All the training sessions will be home based, and will focus on body conitioning exercises, getting participants fit to run.  It is advised for all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced gym goers. And is a great opportunity to involve all of your family members to not only enjoy the process together, but to feel fitter than ever before. By the end of the training session, there will be a virtual 5K run, to celebrate the achievements.

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