Spotify Premium Family Now Available in the United Arab Emirates

 Spotify Premium Family Now Available in the United Arab Emirates

Value the entire household will love with individualized access to stream their favourite tunes

Listening together as a family is about to get even better – Spotify Premium Family is now available in the United Arab Emirates, providing family members living under one roof up to six Premium accounts for a bundled rate of 31.99 AED. Since its MENA launch, Spotify has been exploring ways to introduce new content, features and plans to add value to users. Aware that  the rollout comes during a difficult climate, Spotify hopes families will find the new plan useful, especially while many parents and children are home.


With Premium Family, all family members get uninterrupted access to over 50 million tracks and over 1 million podcast titles through their own individual Spotify Premium account – meaning that you’ll each have a place for your own saved music, podcasts, and playlists, and get Spotify’s recommendations for your unique tastes.


Here are a few other things your entire household—parents, siblings, grandparents, maybe even your pet—can look forward to:

  • Family Mix: Families get exclusive access to a personalized playlist packed with songs the whole family enjoys. Family Mix is updated regularly and you can control who is in each session to optimize your family’s favorite shared listening moments.
  • Parental Controls: Parents will also be able to control the Explicit Content Filter setting of all other accounts on their plan.
  • Family Hub: Billing users can manage their Family’s settings in one place, including adding or removing family members, keeping your home address up to date, and adjusting your parental controls.



But whether you’re listening to Nancy Ajram’s soundtrack from this year’s Ramadan series ‘Sokkar Ziyada’,  preparing Iftar for your family, or unwinding to instrumental music on Spotify’s global Ramadan Hub, there’s something for everyone to enjoy together with Premium Family. In fact a recent study conducted by Spotify showed that 98% of parents say they listen to music together as a family, with nearly 59% indicating they listen together daily.



Getting started is easy – just visit, follow the steps to create your Premium Family account, and invite family members you live with. Even better, users who haven’t tried Premium before are eligible for the first month of Spotify Premium Family for free! For existing individual Premium subscribers, they can switch to Spotify Premium Family by visiting their account page and changing their subscription.


Spotify Premium Family is also now available in Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa.



About Spotify


Spotify transformed music listening forever when it launched in Sweden in 2008. Discover, manage and share over 50m songs for free, or upgrade to Spotify Premium to access exclusive features including offline mode, improved sound quality, Spotify Connect and ad-free listening.


Today, Spotify is the world’s most popular music streaming service with a community of over 286m users, including over 130m subscribers, across 79 markets. We are the largest driver of revenue to the music business today.


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