With Transfast, now get money transfers delivered at your home in Jordan 

With Transfast, now get money transfers delivered at your home in Jordan

 DUBAI – May 4, 2020: Transfast, a leading cross-border payments service provider with a presence in over 140 countries, recently announced the launch of home delivery of money for recipients in Jordan.

With this service, all agent partners of Transfast in Jordan will facilitate delivery of cash to customers at their doorsteps, providing a wide coverage across the country. The launch is aimed at providing a convenient and a safer option to the consumers, especially in the backdrop of the on-going mobility restrictions in the country due to the outbreak of the COVID-19.


“Transfast has always worked closely with its agent partners to provide safe, timely & cost-effective remittance services to its customers, enabling us to become one of the most trusted & preferred money transfer service provider across Jordan,” said Samir Vidhate, SVP I MD – Transfast. “In times of the COVID-19 crisis, Transfast aims to sustain the long-term relationship with its customers and ensure continued movement of money across the globe.”


How to receive money at your doorstep? Follow 3 simple steps:


  1. Register a request: Once notified about the money transfer, the beneficiary can register a request by contacting agent’s customer support numbers:


  • Al Alawneh Exchange: +962798202020, +96265003030
  • Abu Sheikha Exchange: +962775508081, +96265508081
  • Saudi Exchange: +96265560428
  • Al Alami Exchange: +96265534132
  • Musharbash Exchange: +962791112111, +96265544400
  • Al Shanawan Exchange: +96265606044
  • Zamzam Exchange: +962791001007
  • Al Nasir Exchange: +96253824441, +96253824442
  • Zarka Exchange: +96253935733


  1. Verify & Schedule the delivery: Once the request is registered, an agent representative will then contact the beneficiary requesting relevant information & ID copy to ensure due verification and schedule the delivery within 24-48 hours.


  1. Authentication & Delivery: The agent representative will arrive at the confirmed address at scheduled delivery time to hand over the money to the beneficiary after proper authentication and validation of ID proof.



About Transfast

Transfast is a global cross-border payments network provider that covers over 140 countries across Asia, Europe, Africa, Americas and Australia. Our proprietary payment network, consisting of direct integrations with 300+ banks and other financial institutions, enables person-to-person, business-to-person, and business-to-business payments services to our partners via APIs, SFTP, web and mobile and product applications. Our applications deliver compliance, risk management, currency conversion, liquidity management and multi-format messaging solutions to our clients, which include banks, financial institutions, and other corporations. Transfast is owned by Mastercard.


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