Saba Kombucha Introduces Cardamom Flavor for Ramadan

Saba Kombucha Introduces Cardamom Flavor for Ramadan

Available exclusively on the brand’s E-shop during the Holy Month

The Holy Month is here, and for those fasting, it is essential to remain energized and boost the immune system during this time of devotion. It is also vital to give the body essential vitamins and nutrients while fasting during these humid months. Saba Kombucha, the locally brewed beverage, has introduced the cardamom flavor to provide all the essential health benefits the body needs during Ramadan.


Priced at AED 169, the new flavor comes in a pack of six 500ml bottles and exclusively sold on the brand’s E-shop platform. The cardamom flavored kombucha is one of the best kombucha combinations to boost the immune system as well as help the body detox during Ramadan. This is because the cardamom spice is part of the ginger family that has impressive medicinal properties that have been used in traditional medicine for years.


It has fantastic health benefits for the body such as reducing inflammation, aiding digestion, protecting the liver, reducing toxins, aiding weight loss, and alleviating joint pains. The cardamom kombucha drink is also known to contain diuretic and antibacterial properties that help maintain a naturally healthy lifestyle.


Infused with nutrients that are 100% raw, organic, low in sugar, and unpasteurized, Saba Kombucha has also introduced a Ramadan offer, which includes a pack of six 500ml Kombucha bottles priced at AED 169. The Ramadan pack is a mix of three flavors that comes with; 2 bottles of the Ginger flavor, 2 bottles of the Hibiscus flavor, and 2 bottles of the Cardamom flavor.


Customers can now enjoy the different kombucha flavors either as a go-to Iftar drink for tasty hydrating nutrients or as a Suhoor beverage to keep the body energized throughout the day. The Ramadan package and newly launched cardamom flavor are available to purchase from the E-shop





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