Innovation tools to help survive today’s business climate

Innovation tools to help survive today’s business climate

 Dubai, United Arab Emirates; May 2020: Innovation platform GELLIFY hosts another series of webinar this month featuring expert opinions, solutions, and used cases on how digital innovation can mitigate business risks.

Part of Future-proof Your Organization with ‘Black Swan’ Capabilities, each session will discuss various topics including: digital intrapreneurship, blockchain-backed supply chains, V/R and A/R remote collaboration, risk mitigation through predictive analytics and AI, and smart working cyber security.


May 5:  Can emergencies be a catalyst for the supply chain of the future?

Time:  2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

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By digitizing the value chain, organizations can create a harmonic flow of information and materials, which ensures visibility on all processes and one’s ability to control them. In this session, GELLIFY will discuss how resilient, digitized supply chains can intercept weak signals, including: (1) mindset – to prepare for unexpected supply chain events; (2) skillset – to confront crises with speed and adaptability; and (3) toolset – to gain best practices for redesigning SCM processes and operating models.


May 12:  Smarter Working: Key tools for the digitalization of processes

Time: 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

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GELLIFY will illustrate how end-to-end digital (paperless) processes are key to safeguarding productivity and allow participants to select the right “tools” needed for a specific organization. This session will cover electronic signatures, authentication & authorization mechanisms, and remote identification​. GELLIFY will also discuss how security and data integrity enter into the equation when you choose a digital process technology. Is blockchain the answer?


May 19: There is no resilient Smart Business without Smart Employees and Mindful Leaders

Time: 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

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GELLIFY will discuss how to build the technology and mental stack for resilience, comprising: (1) mindset: the new principles of mindful leadership; (2) skillset: the techno-business hard skills and emotional IQ; and (3) toolset: a phygital workplace and knowledge sharing ecosystem, new organizational models, and objectives & key results.


For more information about the ‘Black Swan Series,’ please visit or contact GELLIFY Middle East on


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