Emirates Loto: changing lives one ball at a time

Emirates Loto: changing lives one ball at a time

Last weekend’s draw saw two lucky Dubai residents from the Philippines and India share a massive AED 1 million windfall

28 April 2020, Dubai: Emirates Loto, the region’s first, fatwa-approved, fully digital collectable scheme with optional free entry to a weekly draw which has an intricate behind-the-scenes draw machine and ball security system in place together with a control procedure that is conducted each and every week before, during and after each draw.

Mohammed Khaled was the first lucky winner of AED 350,000 and last weekend, two Dubai residents from the Philippines and India, who have asked that their privacy be respected, split the AED 1 million cash prize. All the winners ultimately benefited from the great care that Emirates Loto takes to ensure fairness and accuracy throughout an end-to-end process behind the scenes.

For many participants and viewers, when celebrity hosts Wissam Breidy and Aishwarya Ajit announce the live results, it may appear that the machine draw process itself is simple.  However, there is so much more to ensuring fair play than it may first appear. In fact, there are a number of intricate procedures undertaken to ensure every participant has an equal opportunity to win.

Before each weekly draw, every single ball is inspected by a team of in-house and third party experts, each of whom are under a strict obligations to wear cloth gloves to stop the transfer of hand oils and dirt, as over time, this can change the ball weight and size. Both draw machines are checked to ensure that no tampering has taken place and the machine for the night is chosen but an independent adjudicator, then moved to the studio under dual control.

To ensure ultimate randomization of ball selection by the machine each week, Emirates Loto weighs and calibrates each ball before every draw; these are essential stages of the pre-draw procedure, as they can detect any sign of tampering, mishandling or normal wear and tear.

In order to uphold optimum standards of security and fair play, Emirates Loto stores its draw machines and ball sets in a secure location at its studio where different sets of balls are never mixed as they are calibrated differently. Each set of balls are kept in a locked suitcase and secured with a numbered security tag that is unbreakable.


Before every draw, five test draws of the numbered balls are done to make sure all equipment is working correctly and to verify that selection of the balls is completely random.  If three or more numbers are drawn more than three times during the machine’s pre-test, draw or post-test, then further investigation will be done, in the meantime, both the machine and the set of balls will be changed and the testing performed again.

“Emirates Loto operates on strict fair play grounds, and there is a long checklist of technicalities to adhere to in order to ensure we meet global standards for our participants,” said Paul Sebestyen, Emirates Loto CEO. “I am also thrilled that we have had three big cash prize winners in only two weeks of play, and I encourage everyone not to miss out on  the chance to become the first ever jackpot winner in our second rollover draw this weekend.”

The next live draw will take place at 10.00PM on Saturday 2 May and can be viewed live on Emirates Loto’s website and social media platforms. This weekend’s draw will see entrants vie for an incredible AED 45 million jackpot.

For more information on our collectables, prize winners, terms and conditions, eligibility and to Collect, Play and have the opportunity to Win in the next Emirates Loto draw, please visit www.emiratesloto.com.


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