Being the first local agency specialized in government communications

Being the first local agency specialized in government communications

Hadath Group Launches its new identity as Sash&Company

United Arab Emirates, 24 April 2020 – Hadath Group announces the launch of its new identity “Sash & Company”, as a part of the company’s strategy to position itself as the first local public affairs agency specialized in government communications in the region.

Sash & Company is a continuation of Hadath Group which remains to invest in the Arab talents who own international experience and master the fundamentals of government communications based on their knowledge and the know-how of their region, also it is a company built on the aspirations of the community members in the Arab world.

With regards to launching the new identity at a time when the business sector in the region and the world is witnessing a recession due to the current exceptional situation imposed by the international pandemic, Tariq Sakik, the CEO of Sash & Company, said: “Our passion and determination to continue doing our work requests us to to perceive hope within the odd situation and demands us to spread positive energy. May this be our motto for the upcoming stage. ”

In addition, Bader Al-Shaibani, the Managing Director of Sash & Company, stated: “It is more than just a change in the slogan and the name, yet because of the acquired experience and the developed skills of our team over the past years, in addition to the support of our partners, plus our success stories with ministries and governments, We, as a company, felt the need of launching a new identity that reflects our position as a leading communications firm specialized in providing innovative solutions to the government sectors.

Sash & Company, being Hadath Group earlier, started its first headquarters in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in the beginning of 2007, then the company expanded in the Middle East and opened more offices in Riyadh, Dubai, Muscat and Cairo.





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