An Emirati Entrepreneur launches the first service app in Abu Dhabi, the UAE Capital

Khamis Al-Sheryani: An Emirati Entrepreneur launches the first service app in Abu Dhabi, the UAE Capital

Khamis Al-Sheryani, founder of RAFEEG App, is the first application to market online services in the UAE Capital, Abu Dhabi.

The app provides specialized services in home maintenance and decoration that connect homeowners with more than 1,000 licensed service providers and more than 5,000 technical technicians. The first application of its kind in the country was able to attract more than 70,000 customers to provide them with home maintenance services, electrical works and home decoration services, making it the perfect application for a hassle-free experience.

Since we are witnessing major changes in the use of technology that have been harnessed to provide the best services to customers, the “RAFEEG App.” is keen on the convenience of its customers and providing all its various services including maintenance services for air conditioners and cleaning, electrical services, home cleaning services and decoration services and makes it within the reach of customers easily, flexibly and free of troubles.  Through the
RAFEEG App” the founder looks forward to providing a fast, efficient and competitive solution to all the family’s needs with the touch of a finger.

Since its launch, the platform has seen a monthly increase in customer’s numbers and RAFEEG  has become a trusted platform for quality service providers.

Trusted platform to find a local service provider

Khamis Al-Sheryani is considered one of the first entrepreneurs in UAE where he started in the world of entrepreneurship in 2004 with the establishment of his services website “Wslaat” as a guide website and news platform which in a short period of time gained more than 1,200,000 visits a day. In 2007,, the online services company, acquired “Wslaat” and in the same year, the leading company provider Yahoo acquired Maktoob.

After the success of “Wslaat”, Mr. Sheryani launched the first real-estate website of its kind in Abu Dhabi, called “”, with an investment of more than $200,000 in partnership with Ikoo, a digital marketing solutions provider.

As a startup in the United Arab Emirates, “” has become the second largest real-estate site in the MENA region and attracted more than 40,000 unique visitors daily.

Mr. Sheryani began his career as a financial analyst, and provided many guidelines for government and private institutions in UAE and the region. He currently heads the position of Senior Project Manager for Initiatives and Master Plans.

Mr. Sheryani holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Accounting from the University of Griffith, Australia and has completed several executive training programs, including, including Chartered Financial Analyst and International Financial Reporting Standards.


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