RAKBANK urges schools and parents to use the new Skiply App

RAKBANK urges schools and parents to use the new Skiply App

 United Arab Emirates, 6 April 2020: RAKBANK has urged schools and parents to make use of the Skiply App, which is a highly safe and secure platform developed in collaboration with Mastercard, to make and track all school-related payments digitally. The Bank made a commitment to work with schools and parents to provide flexible solutions that will help them manage through challenges faced during this pandemic.

The Skiply App is a highly safe and secure platform that offers real-time updates and integrates with school systems to make all school-related payments digitally. Skiply provides schools with faster and simpler ways to receive school fees and attain digital signatures, as well as providing easier payment management solutions, increased operational efficiency, enhanced experience and detailed customized reporting.


Likewise, the Skiply app offers parents the flexibility to completely manage and track their children’s school fees and any other school payments through one platform, sign forms digitally, and more in just a few simple clicks.


Effective immediately, the Bank will be extending an excess of relief solutions to schools by waiving off Skiply setup fees for all new schools availing Skiply in the next 3 months along with a zero annual maintenance fees for the first two years. In addition, the Bank will assist schools by seamlessly activating their school account with Skiply within 48 hours upon registration and confirmation. Lastly, the Bank will also forgo the ‘per transaction fixed fee’ for using Skiply platform to support schools during these inconvenient times.


Frederic de Melker, Managing Director of Personal Banking at RAKBANK, said:

“I am pleased to report that we managed to tie up with over 70 schools across UAE with an approximate student base of over 120,000 in a short span of time, which has supported parents in managing school payments as well as aiding schools in the swift digital transformation required for their operations to run smoothly and efficiently in these testing times.


“Digitalizing school payments can make operations easier and more efficient for both parties. This would greatly assist the schools to accept and manage all payments via a digital and systematic solution. Similarly, parents can now conveniently make school-related payments whenever and wherever they may be. Additionally, this secure payment method will help them save time, avoid any stress that can be caused by traditional payment methods, and lastly manage their children’s school expenses.”


Skiply is available to download through the Playstore for Android users or the Apple store for iPhone and iOS users, where you can sign up and easily navigate to make a student profile in a few easy steps. Skiply also features TouchID and FaceID for Smart devices that support biometric logins to ultimately be the most convenient method for parents to make school payments using any bank card, Apple Pay and Google Pay wallets.


Schools wanting to offer the Skiply mobile app-based payment options to their esteemed parents can get in touch with the Bank by writing to contactus@skiply.ae. For more details please visit www.skiply.ae or watch the Skiply video and see how to download the app, activate an account and take advantage of the features.



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