Brownie Point introduces Easter Delights

Brownie Point introduces Easter Delights

When you think of Easter baskets, you probably picture candy and other sweets. But for a more confectionery spin on the holiday, Brownie Point offers  a new Easter Menu across all their outlets in the  UAE.

The menu is available from March 27- April 12, 2020, which includes Chocolate Easter Egg, Marzipan Easter Eggs, Easter Cupcake, Cake Pops and much more.  With special care, Brownie Point is aiming for a 100%  contactless delivery at your doorstep.

To keep the festive spirits on while staying safe at home, Brownie point has introduced special cakes starting from 250 gms to 500 gms, which serves 2 to 4 persons, just for you and your family at home.

Easter cupcakes are priced  at AED 18 for 15 pcs, while Chocolate Easter cakes are at AED 10 for 20 pieces and Easter Macaroons at AED 10 for 15 pieces. Order and pay online while you stay safe indoors.


What: Easter 2020 New Menu

When: Till April 12, 2020

Where: Across all Brownie Point outlets in the UAE

Contact: 04 379 6213

About Brownie Point:

Established in 1997, Brownie Point has grown to create a brand following. Our outlets showcase the range of our desserts and we deliver all over the city. We have our loyal customers from individuals to corporates. Today, all four Brownie Point outlets in Dubai are considered the perfect choice when it comes to delectable, unique and beautifully crafted desserts. Currently,  operates a network of 19 stores across 4 major cities in India and 4 stores in UAE taking the total to 23 outlets. For more information log on to

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